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Put to test your capabilities with Hardest Game Ever 2

On other occasions I have told how a simple idea is capable of generating a great pull among users. Within the offer that can find in them catalogs of applications, them games casual that not have arguments so elaborate as them of role and strategy or the adaptations to them formats portable of them large sagas cinematographic and literary are an example. The good results obtained give place to a figure significant of developers of all type is lance to create new titles.

On the other hand, and which is a nod to nostalgic players, can find cases as’s Hardest Game Ever 2, which then we give more details and has achieved a good welcome in countries such as Canada or United Kingdom thanks to the mixture of elements of arcade with others of the most popular mini-games during years in the arcade.


Hardest Game Ever 2 offers a catalogue of mini-games that combine action, traditional titles and others with partly absurd and comic elements. Between which can find, is the typical “stone, paper, scissors“, another of build towers of balls of ice cream or one in which us put in the skin of an apprentice of fighter that must submit is to a training quite peculiar. The most striking aspects of this title include the possibility of choosing between 4 levels of difficulty.

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A point in common that have all the games available, is its control, very simple and that is reduces to a system based in the press of only 3 buttons. Social networks also have their role, since it is possible to invite friends to take a few games through platforms like Facebook, that also allows to publish our results. Its creators also claim that it is useful to improve some skills like reflexes and the ability to react in a matter of seconds.


Hardest Game Ever 2 doesn’t have any cost to download it. This, added to their shopping integrated reach a maximum of 2.29 euros, you have served for routing is toward them 50 million of users. Despite having had a good host in lines General by his offer of games, also has been object of some critical by elements as closures, unexpected or the lack of versions in more languages.

WP-Appbox: Hardest Game Ever 2 (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Hardest Game Ever 2 (free+, App Store) →

You think that this game can achieve greater success with the time or however you think currently other genera are to manage to the favour of the public? You have more information about other works of the casual genre as Tap My Katamari so you can get to know more options available.

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