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Pro 6 Plus: these are the characteristics of this last of Meizu

To end of 2016 already could see some terminals from of companies Asian that sought to mark the sheet of route that would continue these and other manufacturers during 2017. During the first weeks of this year and low the amparo of events as the CES, check what were the betting of brands as LG for them next months. The South Korean not was willing to lose land facing their rival Chinese, that, as have mentioned in other occasions, in cases as the of Huawei, Oppo or live, already have got place is between them 10 with more implementation to scale world. The most populous country in the world has become an actor of weight within the consumer electronics and this can check it one more time, in the number of releases from the world’s most populous nation.

Today we talk of Meizu, who once also tried to land on the market with affordable phablets and in some cases, not very advanced that in recent times has focused its strategy on the creation of models that, despite having raised its cost, trying to position itself as an attractive option to an audience that despite spending much of his money in technology. The technology is still looking for terminals as balanced as possible in price and features. Could this be the case of the Pro 6 Plus? Then we checked.

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This device already has been regarded as the jewel in the Crown of Meizu today, which sets the bar very high for their manufacturers and potential consumers. In the aspect of the design, this is translates in a cover metal that according to GSMArena, would be available in three tones: silver, gold and gray. Its weight, about 160 grams, would go along with approximate dimensions of 15 × 7, 7 centimeters and a thickness of 7.3. As it is usual, it has a fingerprint reader.


This field, along with the performance benefits, tend to be the most advanced in the phablets that appear. It Pro 6 Plus features with a screen multi-touch of 5.7 inch endowed of a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. The ratio between the panel and the body of the device exceeds the 71%. Cameras, manufactured by Sony, have 12 Mpx for the rear, able to record videos in format 4 K, and 5 in the front. Also counts with support for the playback of content in 3D.

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In this field we would find with two aspects striking: on the one hand, it presence of Samsung and by another, the existence of two versions different. The South Korean company would have charge of providing processors to the new Meizu through components of the series Exynos. The most basic, with a capacity of 64 GB, would have a chip capable of reaching peaks of 2 Ghz while the highest, whose internal memory amounts to 128, reach speeds of 2.3. In both cases the RAM is identical: 4 GB. From GSMArena ruled out the inclusion of card Micro SD.

System operating

In the majority of its terminals, Meizu has abandoned the incorporation of the latest versions of Android in the strict sense to add your own personalization layer: Flyme, whose younger members of the family are, however, inspired by Marshmallow as it happens in the Pro 6 Plus in addition, allowing compatibility with 3D content. The connectivity highlights by own a port for connections USB of type C in addition to the networks of Internet more consolidated currently. Finally, it is equipped with a non-removable battery capacity round the 3400 mAh and which at the moment would not have no fast charge technology.

flyme phablet interfaz

Availability and price

Obviously, this device was presented officially in their country of origin, China. His announcement came in November and its marketing in the country of the great wall began during the first weeks of December. Contrary to what happens with other devices of firms like Nokia have had exclusive target the Asian market, in this case would see a release in a phased manner in other areas, including Western Europe, where would have an approximate amount of 400 euros. Most likely is that you purchased some larger consumer electronics chains, both through Internet shopping portals, where in some cases, would have to show some caution.

After learning more about who could be the new flagship of Meizu at least during the first months of the year, do you think that its characteristics do not allow you to make the leap to the club’s most exclusive terminals or believe that it is a balanced model, however, will face a considerable range of terminals from other firms both Asian as in the rest of the world? You have available more information as for example, a comparison between his predecessor and one of the jewels in the Crown of Huawei, the G9 Plus, so you can say to yourselves.

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