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OnePlus 3T vs Mi Note 2: comparative

Yesterday reviewed the specifications technical of the new OnePlus 3T facing them to them of the my 5s Plus, but already know that not makes much that Xiaomi us presented others two phablets over high level, and although the my Mix not is easy of get, not happens it same with the My Note 2, to which going to have that measure is the phablet of OnePlus in our comparative of today. Which of the two you think ye that leaves us a better quality/price ratio? If still not it have clear, we hope to help you to decide it.


In the paragraph of design, is inevitable notice differences aesthetic important, with a clear inspiration of the My Note 2 in the last ship logo of Samsung, including a screen edge dual and a housing of glass, while the OnePlus 3T is a bet more classical, with housing metal. With both, of course, will have of reader of fingerprints digital.


Although the difference of size between both phablets is more clearly appreciable (15.27 by 7.47 cm facing 15.62 x 7,77 mm), there are that say in favor of the My Note 2 (whose screen is a little more large), that unless in thickness (7.4 mm facing 7.6 mm) and in weight (158 grams facing 166 grams) is them bide for keep is quite near the OnePlus 3T.

oneplus 3t negro


As just of point, the difference of size between the OnePlus 3T and the My Note 2 is justifies, at least partly, by the made of that the screen of the second is more large (5.5 inch front 5.7 inch). In both cases we have, that if, resolution Full HD (1920 by 1080), what us leaves with a density of pixels of 401 PPI for the phablet of OnePlus and of 386 PPI for the of Xiaomi.


If we chose the top version of the Mi Note 2 (which comes with more storage capacity), we are not going to find any notable difference in this section between both devices that have a hardware at the highest level: the two mounted a Snapdragon 821 (four cores and 2.35 GHz maximum frequency) and accompany it 6 GB of RAM. It must be noted, however, that the standard model of the phablet of Xiaomi has 4 GB.

Capacity of storage

None of these phablets us gives the option of expand the capacity of storage of form external through card micro-SD, but them two arrive with a memory internal quite wide, even in the model basic, with 64 GB, and us gives the option of opt still model upper that reaches them 128 GB.

Mi Note 2 phablet xiaomi


In the paragraph of cameras, have that distribute them points between both models, since the My Note 2 expires in what makes to the camera main (16 MP facing 22 MP), but the OnePlus 3T it makes with regard to the camera front (16 MP facing 8 MP). Will be crucial, therefore, which of the two is more important for us.


Even counting with the difference of consumption that can assume the difference of size of their respective screens, seems complicated that the OnePlus 3T can get to overcome the autonomy of the My Note 2 if us look in the point of split of each one. with regard to capacity of battery, since the superiority of the second in this sense is very clear (3400 mAh facing 4070 mAh). There will be that espear to see evidence of use real to be able to confirm it.


My Note 2 is a relatively expensive device to Xiaomi, sold nearly 400 euros to change (and think that it is normal that this price goes up on its way by the importers, although how much do so varies greatly from a few cases to others), which lets you fairly close to the 440 euros which costs the OnePlus 3T which has in its favour , in addition, the sell is directly in Europe. It seems, therefore, that in this case the most important will be available to buy an imported device and the importance that we give to those points which differ more.

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