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Nova Launcher with Android 7.1 in their latest Beta shortcuts

One of the most widely used application launchers, Nova Launcher, receives an update with important news. The main is the introduction of a new function that emulates the operation of the access direct of Android 7.1 Nougat. In this way, all users will experience the usefulness of the so-called shortcuts on their Android devices, eliminating the barrier posed by now Update to the latest version of Android Nougat, available only for supported Google Pixel and Nexus .

Android 7 Nougat has become one of the biggest updates Google has released for the number of innovations introduced and importance of these. Perhaps the biggest step is Google Assistant, but there are also other tools and features such as the shortcut or shortcuts. These are nothing more than the response of Android Touch included by Apple in its iPhone 6s 3D technology and now starting to implement as well known as Nova Launcher apps.

The shortcuts for Android 7.1 through Nova Launcher

So we can see it notified Google profile + Kevin Barry, the creator of the better-known app. It includes a reference to changes that integrates the latest version Beta of Nova Launcher, which include more new Android 7.1 shortcuts. In this way, the launcher now makes it possible to enjoy the ability to run some of the functions of the applications of Google with speedy action.Accesos directos de Android 7.1 Nougat en la Beta de Nova Laucher

As you can see in the screenshots, the functionality is compatible with the main Google apps, being especially useful in some as Google Keep, Google Maps or Gmail since are the largest number of shortcuts offers various functions of the app itself. As regards the rest of icons that is show in the desktop, them shortcuts dan access to options such as the information of the application, the possibility of edit the icon, delete it e even uninstall the application.Actualización de Nova Launcher

You can enjoy of them access direct of Android 7.1 in Nova Launcher through the program of tests of the company developer. One of the options is to subscribe from Google Play, although it is also possible to download the Beta 7 of version 5.0 of the Launcher APK file from this link.

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