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New images of the P10 Huawei in never-before-seen colors

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the G6 LG, Huawei P10 completes the trio’s most anticipated smartphones of this first half of 2017. Weeks have been collecting the information leaked in the network that allows us to get an idea of how it will be the final appearance of the phone, and just a few hours, they just appear new iMage of Huawei P10 in never-before-seen colors ago.

Via Weibo, where if not, just take a look at the new colors that could reach the Huawei P10 market, joining this form to existing models in color gold, silver and grey in which you can currently get Huawei P9. The next smartphone of the Chinese firm, be truthful to these new photographs, would be also marketed in green and purple, while it boasts the same metallic design as of his predecessors.

colores huawei p10

Huawei P10 carries under our radar for quite some time, the latest rumors about the device say that we are faced with the more expensive P-series smartphone to date, but as it often happens in these cases, we do not yet have vivid proof that this will be like if we could take a look at phone chassis.

Let us remember that, in addition to the above mentioned variants, a few weeks after its launch Huawei P9 received versions in red and blue, so it not would be surprising that shortly after the introduction of the P10 Huawei new models of the terminal in the colors is launched to the market today filtered. In addition, are photographs match filtering which took place last week where we could see the smartphone dispensing with the usual rear fingerprint reader.

More details of the Huawei P10

Days ago appeared in a test of benhmarking which would be possible internal features of the smartphone that, together with these new images of Huawei P10 would get an idea more clear how will be the next ship of manufacturer logo.

According to all the rumors appeared to date, between the specifications of the P10 Huawei would find a 5.5 inch screen that would offer us a QHD resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, a Kirin 960, as Matt 9 processor and no less than 6 GB of RAM. The internal storage would not sit back and would also offer a large number of 256GB.

Course, Leica would be the charge of sign it double camera back that would repeat in the phone after the good reception that has had the P9 of the year last. Join these features the possibility of a Plus model with dual curved screens and Wireless charging technology.

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