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Lineage OS is taking shape, adopts new image

Last weekend knew the official end of CyanogenMod, something to which we have followed and mostly used the alternative system we opened a little. Although not there is that worry is, because quickly the events is have gone happening giving step to the successor of this system operating, Lineage I. Now have known new details on the image that is adopting this new project, that is cleared completely of Cyanogen, despite base is by full in them ROMs developed until now.

This week I had that it was possible to download the first Lineage OS ROMs , mobile as interesting as the OnePlus 3 or LG G3, now from this new project are working to differentiate yourself from CyanogenMod from his own external image.

Lineage OS adopts new image, logo Debuts

While in the last few days we have seen numerous reports and we have illustrated others about Lineage OS logo and usual art of CyanogenMod, for that to be his direct heirs, now this starts to change little by little, because the new project has released a new image, commanded by the new logo which already can be seen on the official website of the project. As you can see, it is a logo which we see three areas interconnected, with one of them larger, and most importantly, on a green background.

Lineage OS

This is without doubt the main change with respect to Cyanogen, which differed by its blue color and face alien quasi which starring all the arts of that project. This new image is not only a change in design and a clear break with Cyanogen, but it also represents a turning point in this project, where you have to stress again that take distances on CyanogenMod.


From the beginning them creators of this project have left clear its intention of of follow with the legacy of Cyanogen, taking advantage of all the work performed until now, but in all time implementing their own solutions and news, in final his own personality in the project. Is of expect that in the next days arrive new ROMs for them terminals more prominent, as could enjoy them with CyanogenMod. Certainly is great news for all lovers of personalization on Android, which now have Lineage OS his great hope. Of time your new image is all a puff of air cool.

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