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It eliminates the Jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad without iTunes

An of them features of iOS, the system operating mobile of Apple, is that is a system very closed that us prevents perform a great number of tasks and configurations more beyond of which allows the own company as, for example, install applications of third that not have been signed by her own Apple. To avoid this layer of security, different groups of hackers create tools that us allow access to them permissions of root of iOS for to disable these measures of security and have the control full of the device. This process is known as Jailbreak.

When we do Jailbreak a device, the process is irreversible unless we restore full device to get all files back to their values by default. To do this, the easiest way is by connecting it to iTunes and doing a hard reset of the same, however, this process requires to install the latest iOS update, so that, in doing so, it is possible to lose the possibility to carry out the process of liberation.

Cydia Eraser is a simple tool that allows us to perform a full reset a system iOS jailbreak to return to its original state protected, but without the need for device to a computer or install the latest version of the operating system. This tool is also fully valid for all modern versions of iOS jailbreak, from the 7 to the latest 9.3.3.

Then, we leave a guide of how this tool works.

Completely erasing all traces of Jailbreak in iOS without iTunes

This process is fully automatic and only takes a few minutes. Once finished, your device will be like fresh out of the factory, but with the same version of iOS we had installed, allowing us to return to the release process in the future, when we want to do it.

We must bear in mind that the process of Cydia Eraser clears all data from the device, so we must make a backup copy, either in iTunes or in iCloud, to restore applications and data once the reset process is complete.

Usually make Jailbreak to your devices iOS?

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