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iOS 10.1.1 arrives with serious problems of battery for iPhone

How tends to be usual in each launch of a update of software, the last update of the system operating of Apple promises, among other things, “improvements of stability and corrections of errors”. However, in the last hours have appeared in it network numerous complaints from users that allege that iOS 10.1.1 arrives with numerous problems of battery for the iPhone.

According to a report on the basis of an open discussion on the average Hacker News PCMag, upgrade to the latest version of iOS is generating numerous battery on iPhone problems, to the point that some terminals are running out of power surprisingly fast. Some of these users said that devices such as the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S not endure a whole day without charge.

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Other customers of the brand say they have seen your iPhone 6 fall 60% charge to 0% unexpectedly. To charge the device they have encountered the same load starts to grow from that 60%.

It is not the first time that iOS 10 generates battery on iPhone problems. Just hours after its release was discovered that innovations built into the Apple messaging application had been a drastic reduction of the battery terminals where the Cupertino company expected software was installed.

What solution is there?

The thing is quite serious because some customers Apple’s claim that even the battery on iPhone problems cause the terminals are turned off when there is still a 30 or even 50% battery in iOS 10.1.1 life.

The problem of battery in iPhone does not happen only, as you might think at first, in beta versions of Apple’s operating system by which many users reported in the Forum that must be to an older version of iOS. To some, this action has earned them to bring stability to your terminal, while others claim that everything remains the same.

From the Apple support forums indicated how to improve the life of the battery in iOS 10 unblock users articles on how to increase the battery life time. Many of these users is have complained of it absurd of this response by what is of wait that soon Apple release a new update that correct the problem of iOS 10.1.1 with the battery in iPhone. Meanwhile not let’s implement these tips in your terminal.


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