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iMessage for Android? Apple has it in mind

It is a very recurrent theme. In the past have had news similar, the possibility of that Apple lance a app from iMessage for Android. However, to date all left in a flare-up of fire. The application of Messaging Instant is keeps closed to them users of iPhone, and to a lesser extent to iPad and Mac. However, a source close to them of Infinite Loop and very reliable by their predictions, John Gruber, puts in relief the works of them engineers of software of the signature. And is that Apple has designed several apps from test of iMessage for Android.

The variety of applications of instant messaging is enormous, but only a few like WhatsApp, Snapchat or even Telegram are kept as a reference. All have presence on Google Play and the App Store. However, there is an app that triumphs as in his time did BlackBerry Messenger in an only ecosystem, the of Apple. We refer to iMessage, an application of messaging instant that cause furor among the customers of iPhone. Great part of its characteristics and benefits lies in its exclusivity for iOS. However, Apple does not lose sight the huge mass of current users on the Android platform. For this same reason, the company would have a plan B in case it is necessary to plan a change of strategy, and that would be an iMessage app for Android.App de iMessage en iPhone

iMessage for Android

As already stated, John Gruber has spoken, and that is something that we cannot ignore. And we can’t do it because this technology guru has strong ties with the Cupertino headquarters and many of their predictions and warnings have finally confirmed. On this occasion, Gruber has indicated that it is aware that Apple works or has worked in the development of a trial version of iMessage for Android. Until the moment, them American would have created unless two models of design where the interface of the app would look well exactly equal that the layer of the app of messaging in iOS or a based in Material Design.

Is there really iMessage app for Android?

That is the question that John Gruber does not respond, at least exactly. This voice put of manifest the interest of Apple by create an app of its popular Messaging Instant for Android, but not ensures that the project go to finish in good port. It may be just a test to assess the possibility of Open iMessage to Google’s platform. However, in the other side of the balance is are others reasons of weight to put them points on the ies and forget the project in a drawer.App de iMessage para Android

Why? One of the reasons of greater significance is that iMessage stands as one of the features that many iPhone owners remain loyal to bite Apple and even by which other users are encouraged to buy an iPhone. Another argument is that Security and encryption of the messaging app requires specific hardware and infrastructure that has been designed around devices with iOS – and Mac-.

So because, it information with which has Gruber not us allows say that Apple will launch iMessage for Android, but itself is a point to have in has of face to the future, especially when the maximum leader of the signature, Tim Cook, has given a change of address in the strategy of Apple in what to the exploitation of them services is refers. And is that we have to remember that Apple has, for now, of three applications in Google Play (Move to iOS, Apple Music and Beats Pill +) which shows that now value the software business more than their initial ideals, at least those who introduced Steve Jobs until the day of his death.

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