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Huawei Matt 9, confirm the characteristics of its dual camera

This coming week, Huawei will present his last great terminal before end of the year, and probably the last flagship before that next spring to see the new Huawei P10. And the signature Chinese not wants to lose the opportunity of leave footprint in the market despite them large launch seen in them last weeks, as them new Xiaomi Mmi and my Note 2 for example. So this week will present the new Huawei Mate 9 and 9 Pro matte, both equipped with a dual camera which has been confirmed its main features.

Precisely last weekend we did echo of that dual camera from both terminals would have with an optical zoom lens, and not only as the 2 x 7 Plus iPhone, but it will go beyond and will have an increase of 4 x optical.

Features of Huawei Mate 9 dual camera

So far we have met quite a few details about this important part of Huawei Matt 9, which not only continue the trend premiered at the mark by Huawei P9, also with developed in collaboration with Leica lenses. As well, the Huawei Matt 9 not only will continue this trend, but also also will improve the specifications of both lenses. As well, from Chinese ones of them analysts more recognized of it industry has dear “confirm” the features of the two lenses of the Huawei Matt 9.

Huawei Mate 9 combo de camara

According to this analyst two sensors of the new flagship of the firm would improve enough to the Huawei P9, with a combo 12 megapixel + 20 megapixel, information in keeping with what we had read about Matt 9 in recent months. No doubt this combo camera will be clearly better than of the Huawei P9, which itself has one of the best camera dual market.  No doubt will be an of them stones angular of this new Huawei Matt 9 and Matt 9 Pro, although not will be it more interesting, because the firm is preparing two terminals simply spectacular.

Diseño de la parte trasera del Huawei Mate 9

As in the case of the Mate 9 Pro, which will be a great alternative to the terminals of Samsung touchscreen Dual Edge, as you will use one of these panels, and will also have the new Kirin 960 processor and configurations of up to 6 GB of RAM. Certainly Huawei is preparing a final snap this 2016 difnicil match, with a few terminals, especially in the case of the Pro which will have no competition or the price, since it is expected that the more equipped version costs nearly 1200 euros.

Huawei Mate 9 item, confirm your camera features dual was published in MovilZona.

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