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How use the reader of fingerprint fingerprint of the mobile with gloves

Has arrived the cold, that is has made of begging this year, and already have taken off coats and gloves of the wardrobe. In the last year is have popularized them mobile with reader of fingerprint fingerprint but nowhow the use with gloves?

Seems a nonsense but some mobile as the iPhone 7 with iOS 10 pose a problem because its sensor taptico not is carries all well with them gloves… and is the form of unlock now the mobile for many users. Wear gloves and a fingerprint reader seems impossible but it is not, or at least with what we have found on Kickstarter.

Known crowdfunding platform there is a new campaign that still left 14 days of funding to realize the TAPS. From 10 euros (which is what it cost to change the 15 Canadian dollars that is the offer that is still) we can get with a complete kit of TAPS that offer 4 stickers and which will reach us in December 2016 – still can benefit from them much of the winter.

TAPS allows you to use the screen and fingerprint sensor without take off our gloves

It is a flexible film that sticks to the gloves, where they should be our fingerprints, and we can record them on the phone as a footprint more among which they have authorized to unlock the computer. Are resistant to the water, by which not passes nothing because rain, and capable of paste is to any type of fabric of which are made those gloves.

Entering in features more technical, are built with a material of nanoparticles that offer to these stickers the structure that allows the sufficient to conductive for activate any screen capacitive even if use a glass protective on the screen-where the “mode gloves” of some mobile often fail-.

Of time only are in color black, by what perhaps not are very well with some of them gloves of another color but us avoided have that remove us them when are doing sport, going in moto or are working to temperatures that already van touching them 0 degrees in some provinces of Spain, especially to first time of it tomorrow.

TAPs guante amarillo

Other ways of using the mobile with gloves

Eye, which are a way to bring your favorite gloves but we cannot forget, for the more friendly, it’s easy to get “capacitive” gloves for just a few euros in shops or there are also other products such as the Nanotips.¬†These are of the same company that has created TAPS and are a liquid that can use it for “paint” in them fingers of the gloves for to use them with the mobile.

That Yes, it does not add them can operate with fingerprint sensors, as we will not have with gauntlets capable to operate the screen of your mobile phone.

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