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How to prepare our smartphone to unlock the bootloader

In MovilZona already have spoken on several occasions about how free the bootloader and do root to different smartphones of the market. This process isn’t at all complicated, although Yes it requires to always keep in mind a number of basic concepts, as what is and how to use the adb and fastboot your device console.

Before you begin the process of liberation of the bootloader it is necessary to carry out a number of settings on the device itself so that this will allow us to open this section of it and proceed with the process. Although release the bootloader is different in each device, the preparation of the same is always equal in all them models and, by this, in this article are going to explain the process, step by step, to have our smartphone ready for the process.

Activate the options of development of Android

It first that we must do is activate the options of development of Android. For this, open the menu of settings of our smartphone and we will go until the part lower of the list, to the paragraph “information of the phone“.

Click on said paragraph and, between them options that we appear, will see a so-called “number of compilation“. Now, just need to press 7 times over her and we will see that we are increasingly less steps for developers.

Activar las opciones de desarrollo en Android

A time pressed the option 7 times is us activate the options of development and already can continue.

Activate the debugging of Android

Once we have activated them options of developer in Android will see that in the menu of settings us appears a new entry called “options of development”. Click on it and move slightly it list to find it them famous “debugging of Android” or “debugging USB“, depending on models.

Habilitar la depuración de Android para liberar el bootloader

Activate this option and ready. Although this step is not always required, we will save problems, so it is advisable to leave it enabled.

If our smartphone is new, we must activate the OEM unlock to unlock the bootloader

With the two first steps, any smartphone relatively old will be ready for the process, however, if our device is new we will have that perform before a step intermediate: enable the unlock OEM.

For safety, modern smartphones include a layer of extra security on the device in a way that in case of loss or theft, no one can access it, thus guaranteeing the privacy of the data. This measure is very useful, however, prevents us from carrying out settings as the release the bootloader. Therefore, if we are going to do this, before must activate this unlock.

To this end, options of Android development, close to the option to enable debugging, you will see an entry like the following.

Desbloqueo OEM Huawei G8

We must activate this option to enable the OEM release and to proceed with the process.

We must bear in mind that disable this lock and unlock the bootloader is an increase in risk for our data and that, in the event of loss or theft, anyone could access to the device and all of its data does not have a layer of additional blocking as in this case. In addition, remember that unlock the bootloader is, in the majority of cases, the loss of the warranty, so we must be very sure of what we want to do.

The article how prepare our smartphone for free the bootloader is published at MovilZona.

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