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How record what happens on the screen of the iPhone in iOS 10

Record videos of what happens on the screen of your phone is one of the most recurrent functions on all operating systems, both iOS and Android. There are plenty of utilities that allow us to do so, but in the case of iOS not all are compatible with the latest version of the system for both systems. That is why today we review what offers us a tweak that allows to record what happens on the screen of the iPhone even if you have iOS 10. Let’s see how it works and how it is installed.

Only a few days ago we have known that the jailbreak for iOS 10 is now available, which is certainly great news for those looking for one customization of the system and the access to new functions, such as which will see today to record what happens on the screen of the iPhone.

It records video of the iPhone on iOS 10 screen

While we have seen similar solutions for previous versions of iOS, the last one was for 9 iOS, in this case we are going to see a tweak that allows us to do the same in iOS 10. It first that must do is have the jailbreak made in our iPhone with iOS 10, something that can make of form simple with the tutorial that you have seen in the link of more up. A time made can access to Cydia, where can find a tweak called CCRecord that us allows record in video all what happens in the screen of the iPhone.

pantalla del iphone

One of the best things about this tweak is that we do not need complicated processes to enable recording, because integrates in the control center icon which directly starts the recording of everything that happens on the screen of the iPhone. Once press the button begins to record is the video, when just the recording can access to it in the reel of photos and videos of the iPhone, by what nor there is that search it by strange routes inside the terminal.

Jailbreak para iOS 10.1.1

While this tweak is intended to run on iOS 10, this is not compatible with iOS 9, so its use is exclusive of this system. It is certainly one of those tweaks that is worthwhile to jailbreak the iPhone, offers a function that time not in vain is not and is expected either in iOS 10, or in future versions.

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