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Google Pixel XL is already official: the information

The day of today, 4 of October, will be recorded in the memory of many fans of Android by the great spin that gave Google in many aspects key of its ecosystem. To start, and speaking of products, the series Nexus passes to a second flat (and who knows if to best life), thanks to the launch of the new Pixel. You see then what is the new proposal by the search engine company.

While the change of direction is sharp, is no less true that much of the “cake” has been being revealed over the past days. Even so, we welcome all expectations 5.5 inch Pixel, both his brother’s 5. We would say that it is an attempt to Google to normalize your product, without the signature of the manufacturer (we understand that HTC) visible. Even of bring it to Apple, with a front really similar, or even in the ratio of screen.

Pixel y Pixel XL Google anuncio

Pixel XL, a terminal built from Google Assistant

The three authorized voices of Google who have participated in the beginning of the keynote have influenced at a very specific point: the new Pixel is a performance in which the hardware and software have been developed jointly. In fact, it’s the first terminal to be based not only on Android but also in the wizard of Mountain View.

During the event we’ve seen as Brian Rakowsk, head of the software in the Google Pixel has interacted with the smartphone without touching it, just talking to him, a function that reveals key Assistant. The service will support many other applications to work in a coordinated fashion and basics, its interface, will keep the aesthetics of Google Now.

Among other things, also, the aesthetic of Android is rather more clean, without bar of searches of Google, so only a tab side with a G. As seen previously, the applications drawer opens by sliding down from and icons take circular form.

The best camera that can be done on a smartphone?

Thus direct have been on Google. Leaning into the DxOmark, which have achieved a score of 89, test of Mountain View claim having the best camera so far.


In addition to the absence of any bulk in the back to the sensor, which have been commissioned noted as poisoned DART for Apple and its iPhone 7, this terminal has some pretty amazing qualities. For example, a function called Smartbust that takes images in burst and suggests the best, or immediate focus and capture times, faster than any other equipment that Google engineers have tested.


In addition, buyers of the Pixel in any of its two sizes will have unlimited storage capacity for images and videos in full size in Google photos app.

More essential characteristics, to finish off the move

On the same trail to the Nexus, the Pixel devices will have direct, immediate and automatic updates of the Android system. Also, just as happened last year, both 5.5 inch 5 device mounted a USB type C, which will facilitate a loading process that have 7 hours after having it just 15 minutes plugged.

Moreover almost all been said already: aluminum body, high resolution AMOLED display (has not materialized in the event, although we believe that 1440 p for model 1080 for the 5-inch and 5.5 inch), Snapdragon 821, 4 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of ROM, 12.5 megapixel camera, etc.


As for the colors, we will have Blue, Blackand white .

Price and availability

In the event only given price in dollars, and the figure does not make us to be very optimistic. The team will cost $ 650, but taking into account that the Nexus 6 p was $150 cheaper and that Spain arrived for 650 euros, the terminal can finish leaving expensive resulting, at level 7 iPhone. In addition, the price is for the smaller model.

In terms of availability, will arrive on October 20 (today in pre-order in some countries), but is to be confirmed if to Spain. We will inform you of all developments in this regard

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