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First photo and date of release of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is an of the companies more influential of the market and is by this that whenever take a device, are for the market. Two years ago we could see how Samsung revolutionized the market and pulled a new S6 with a metallic design, and S6 Edge with a double curved screen, which was the first of the market which had curved pixels. This screen has created fashion, and is for this reason that we have seen in this 2016 Xiaomi manufacturers dare to design their own curve display.

A large ratio of display, but not as the my MIX

In the year 2016 have seen as Samsung, with its S7 Edge, got have one of the best terminals of the year, and also, until end of year, the design more attractive of the moment. The thing changed later when Xiaomi presented two terminals, a My Note 2 with a screen curve and a great similar to the Note 7, and a my MIX that had the peculiarity that almost all its front was screen. Until the time not had seen nothing equal in the market, and starting from that moment, the my MIX is developed the mobile to beat in terms of design, and the screen Edge of Samsung went to a second flat.


But the news that reaches us today is that Samsung wants to continue fighting with his Galaxy S8 and is for this reason that it will try to make a really attractive design. Already the first image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been able to filter in which we find a device that seems big enough, would be the model of 6 inches, with a great ratio of screen. If we look, we can see in the bottom frame, This Galaxy S8 has no capacitive, buttons and have them on-screen, but they would be hidden thanks to your customization layer. Also can see in the part superior that would lead a scanner of iris built-in, as already incorporated the Note 7 in his time.

Not what we will see in the MWC

And this not is all, because this device seems officially delay is until April, exactly the 18 of April of this year, and is that some leaks say that their production would begin in March, by what your presentation not could be in the MWC of Barcelona. Not know the veracity of this news, but is a rumor that is taking enough strength, and will see inside very little if is meets or not.

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