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First official image of the LG G6, that would without Snapdragon 835

We knew that almost safely, the successor of the LG G5 would side design modular to present a much more classic smartphone which regained the trust of users. Now these rumors and betting by the new ship logo of the signature Korean are a bit more near convert is actually through the appearance of the first image official of the LG G6.

At the gates of the MWC in Barcelona interest in mobile phones that we know at the fair is too high not to reveal it before their scheduled announcement date. Therefore, here we would have which is the first official image of the LG G6. Thanks to it can see (at least in its upper half) that the smartphone goes back to the most classic and elegant curved lines that resemble the design of the device to the latest mobile of Samsung.
The LG G6 would have with a design metallic as well as some us frames very tight in them four sides of the screen by what could wait a terminal similar to the Xiaomi my Mix with a high ratio between body and screen. However, until not see an image full of the terminal not can launch us to make this claim with total security.

lg g6

In addition to the aspect of the team, leaks that have appeared up to now speak of a high-end with QHD display, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon unknown for the moment and 6 GB of RAM. In the same way, we must remember the recent information that puts us on the trail of a system of additional security for the battery which will prevent overheating and thus safeguard the interests of users and company to avoid potential problems of marketing.

Without Snapdragon 835

Besides knowing this first official LG G6 image, in the last hours also we have learned that the smartphone from the company would not count in its interior with the latest chip from Qualcomm.

Forbes points out that the Snapdragon 835 is not available in large amounts before April since Samsung phone logo, use it for your new Samsung Galaxy S8 that would leave the processor “out of reach” for other manufacturers. The same publication ensures that the S8 will be released April 14 so most competitors Samsung, starting with LG, are being forced to rely on other processor manufacturers if they want to launch their high-end phones before April, as it was so with the HTC Ultra.

As you know, Qualcomm developed the Snapdragon 835 in collaboration with Samsung. In this way the Korean firm makes sure enjoy almost “exclusively” of chip making sure that there is no shortage of supply for your mobile phone next-generation star.

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