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Facebook imitates Snapchat with your new camera function

One of the latest Instagram, owned by Facebook, tries to imitate the ephemeral contents of Snapchat, the successful app messaging that causes furor with greater or lesser success the teenage crowd. Now own Facebook app would also imitate Snapchat through an upgrade of camera functions.

The social network has built a new function of camera and messaging that Facebook said that users will be able to exresarse in “a thousand different ways”. According to the tests that are being conducted in Ireland, the renewed House of the Facebook application includes a series of optional special effects to insert into the image as facial masks, and once to play the content, users will have 24 hours to respond or reply until it disappears forever.

You really sound?

No doubt this new camera from Facebook is sounds a lot like what offers another application like Snapchat, it also should be a surprise because it is not the first time that since the social network is imitating the famous service. The novelty is that these attempts come from own Facebook app, and not in others of your services.

This new camera comes with an own Inbox inside the Facebook application, which means that it is not necessary to use Messenger to share these ephemeral content. This new function of camera is a proof that Facebook is taking to Cape in territory Irish, but not is difficult guess that soon will see get this novelty to the rest of the world.

By Snapchat

It is not the first approach of Facebook to Snapchat found in recent months. On the occasion of the celebration of the Olympic games we saw something similar now returns in the form of masks from Halloween for Facebook Live. Within the service of the application appear new masks to celebrate the day of the dead as well as reactions custom with this thematic. That Yes, this possibility does not reach Spain, since it is only available in United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand, for devices with Android operating system.

reacciones halloween facebook

Now this new feature makes very clear the intentions of the perpetrators of the social network who have found in the application of ephemeral publications a mirror where to look to continue offering interesting, but little original, functions to users.

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