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Edit your videos in high definition with PowerDirector

When it comes to introduce many of the apps that we find in the catalogues, we emphasize those aimed at audio and video editing. And is that, as we have stated on other occasions, the improvement of sound and Visual benefits of tablets and smartphones and the pull generated in audiences younger, they have given rise to dozens of applications that do not stop increase an offer that is already too large.

Before this panorama, the developers should focus their efforts to create products more elaborate and to the same time, compatible. One of these examples is PowerDirector, of which then you have more and that according to its creators, leads the Edition audiovisual to a new level to the scope of all them users, regardless of their skill and grade of knowledge. Would be fulfilled which promises?


Like all tools of its kind, PowerDirector offers a range of effects and filters to change, in this case, the videos recorded by the cameras of our terminals. One of their attractive is the made of that allows work on the format HD of way very simple: in the part bottom of the screen will find a line temporary on which can go adding them different elements. From tracks of audio, up to pictures. The sum of all these factors makes that it has been described as a professional app by its designers.


The role of social networks

To the features that you have commented before, is adds another that can be very useful for those that employ many hours of their time to see what is what occurs by them platforms more used as Facebook or Twitter. In this case, the creations can upload them all immediately. At the same time, we can open a library file in which we keep all content to use them and modify them whenever you want.


PowerDirector do not have cost at the time of download it. Updated a few days ago, it has managed to exceed 10 million users and operating errors have been corrected. Highlights from the latest version is its compatibility with Nougat. Despite require of shopping integrated that arrive to them 7 euros by element, has been well received by aspects as its handling simple that to the same time, make the Edition in something more enjoyable and fast.

WP-Appbox: PowerDirector – Video Editor (free+, Google Play) →

Do you think that PowerDirector will have the same success that already had in other larger stands in portable formats? Have available more information on other apps such as VHS Camcorder to know more options.

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