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Decides the course of World War II in 1943 Deadly Desert

Despite the fact that, as we see on a daily basis, the role and the magical worlds strategy remain the favorite options chosen by millions of users, the truth is that little by little, other subjects are getting gain ground and count on behalf of users. Them games based in events historical, especially, in the second war world, are living an expansion that already could see in other stands of greater size as the consoles.

Today we will speak of 1943 Deadly Desert, a game in which, as we shall see below, it is possible to change the course of history through our participation in the great battles that took place in the North African desert during the starkest moments of this conflict that marked humanity in later decades. Still space for this type of work?


We are in the Sahara desert in 1943. General Rommel is the gates of Egypt, endangering the British Empire. Our mission will be the choose one of the two sides and have the option to change the course of a war that already extends almost 4 years, or at the hands of the allies, or on the contrary, in bando German along with other empires such as Japan or Italy. To win, we have to avail ourselves of large troops of infantry and most importantly, tanks.

1943 deadly desert escenario


The most striking of 1943 Deadly Desert in this respect is on the one hand, turn-based gameplay, which according to its developers, is ideal to choose different strategies to halt and defeat enemies. On the other hand, the variety of weapons and equipment, all of them from the authentic ones that gained prominence during the second world war. All this, through a multitude of scenarios such as El Alamein, determinants at the time over the course of the conflict.


Updated just a few days ago, this game has managed to move towards the million downloads and has no initial cost. Among the reasons for this reception we can find total support for tablets, good graphics and the possibility of playing with friends. However, it has also received criticism for its Purchasing integrated, which can reach 100 euros per element, or the constant appearance of advertising.

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Do you believe that 1943 Deadly Desert can get a greater acceptance in the future? You have available more information about other similar games as 1944 Burning Bridges so that you may know more options at your disposal.

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