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Create your own radio program with Spreaker Studio

One of the big changes that have suffered the media of hand portable terminals and apps like social networks, is the fact that users have gone from becoming mere receivers, to be able to create their own content and become very influential opinion leaders globally through their profiles and all what hang in them. Now, the general public can launch their own topics of debate and comment on everything that happens to her around without the mediation of third parties.

Among the applications that have allowed these changes, we find ourselves from platforms with a long trajectory like Twitter, to other more recent Spreaker Studio, which I now count their salient features and which aims to offer a new way to make audiovisual content of higher quality. May get this objective and win is the favor of ones consumers with tens of alternatives to its scope?


Spreaker Studio is based on the creation of podcasts. Once we generate the sound file, offers the possibility of adding dozens of filters and effects that range from those who seek to bring a touch humorous and comical to audio, to those focused on the creation of more elaborate elements that later can be uploaded to the main networks like Facebook.

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One of the claims used by the developers of this app is the fact that despite having a simple interface, this allows change to an almost professional level all indicators of each track as the volume, balance or removing noise. Through the creation of user accounts, allows the recording and transmission of live content or its storage for later issue them and group them into different categories according to its subject matter.


Spreaker Studio has no initial charge , as in the vast majority of apps available in the catalogs. Updated about a month ago to correct some bugs, it has managed to move towards the 5 million users. However, it failed to become one of the most popular in its category by errors like closing unexpected when recording any audio or failures when it comes to play them.

WP-Appbox: Spreaker Studio (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Spreaker Studio (free+, App Store) →

Do you think that this tool can take the sound editing to a new level in which the capacity for action of users reach new heights? Do you think that there are other apps with best features? You have available more information on similar platforms like Magisto so that you can say to yourselves.

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