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Coverfy, improves and optimizes the price of all your insurance

Insurance in general, whether they are home, health, car or any property that we have is a completely uncharted territory for a lot of us. Most focus on the final price, almost always looking for the cheapest, without the details such as coverage or other details of vital importance when it comes to hiring one of them. If that we combine the rhythm of life we have, where free time is scarce and we are not separated from the mobile, ideal as Coverfy can fit perfectly.

Corverfy pantalla principalThis app that is completely free of what he wants is to manage all insurance from mobile phones, no paperwork and no stress, functioning as our own insurance broker looking for the best insurance that are on the market. A task comparative anything easy that Coverfy made by us to hit of click, but that not is is only there.

Since it allows us to see what coverage we have in detail in each insurance we have contracted, what improvements can have and even key details such as duplication of coverage that we can have different insurance. This last detail is, without a doubt, one of the points that more game you will get users to Coverfy. This app has agreements with 40 insurance companies, so once our data, the app performs a process of recovery of data and coverage automatically.

Coverfy pantallas

Personal advice via smartphone

It is important to mention that the app puts at our disposal a professional manager entitled, that free and personal help to Polish any doubts that we have the insurance in question. We can talk to him by phone, contact us by mail or chat, as we deem appropriate but it will always be there for us. It is more the role of the consultant will be meet to detail our needs and further optimize our policies.

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Quick and easy

The only requirement that us requests is the number of our ID, to which by law is necessary and that on the other hand us gives a warranty of that are working with an app that back has a company serious and professional. In this case it is an entity registered in the General Directorate of insurance and pension funds (DGSFP) as it can be seen here and attached to the data protection agency, which step ensures that you will not receive spam or commercial communications.

Where to download Coverfy

WP-Appbox: Coverfy – All your insurance (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Coverfy – Manage your insurance and save money (free, App Store) →

Once sent the number of ID card, the mobile will receive an SMS to register and sign with your finger on the screen itself from the smarphone. Don’t need more paperwork. All communications are performed using 256-bit SSL connections to have a 100% secure encryption. The app is totally free and does not have tenure, so that we can be low when we consider.

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