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Clash Royale us brings a new challenge this weekend

Some of them market that more in raises is is the of them video games in the mobile. Some time ago we could not think that a smartphone could become a platform for play, but today, is one of the most used, since everyone carries a smartphone in your pocket, and if to this we add that the majority of the games that are on the market are free, for almost every user to carry a pair of games installed in your smartphone.

One of them games more famous for this year has been the Clash Royale. This game created by Supercell was in some way to replace the Clans Clash, a game that has a totally different way of play, but is a Supercell has left him to devote time to devote to the Clash Royale. His mechanics are simple, a player against a player in which each has three towers, and which lie more in three minutes or that destroy the three towers first, is who wins.

News keep coming to the Clash Royale

Makes little could know that Clash Royale is updated with a series of improvements, as a chest of the clan, or four new cards that were to go coming gradually from January to end of February. Apart from all this, we saw as Supercell wanted that weekends, spent you more time to play, since he began to get a few special challenges that were only available Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and today it has been confirmed that this weekend, there will be a new event in Clash Royale

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The news that has confirmed Supercell in their forums and then several American YouTubers with which it collaborates has shown is that this weekend, double Elixir event returns to Clash Royale. This event is that, from one minute to the last, players will have double elixir as they have in the last minute of each game. The peculiarity of this event is that already not will be free your first entry nor will cost five gems, but will have a cost of 50 gems enter, and your price will be the half that the of the great challenge. With this, Supercell wants to introduce a new form of play to them events, since not only will be of special it form of play, but also the price that has.

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