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Beat the ghosts of Halloween from Google on your mobile

As it is now traditional, each time there is an event or celebration highlighted near us, from Google created one of the so called “doodle” or what is the same, great logo from Google that stars in the search engine developed in a mini-game on the given topic. Is the case of the feast of Halloween, that as know is held tomorrow by the night, and for which Google has prepared a fun game where will have that hunt ghosts to blow of gestures with our fingers, are going to see how is the Halloween of Google in the mobile.

Are already countless them festivities and events in which Google us has offered an doodle to throw us some games in our mobile. As happened with the Rio 2016 Olympics in which Google also launched a fun game featuring fruits.

Google Halloween Ghosts

With Halloween just around the corner, could not miss a “doodle” based on this celebration that each day has more acceptance in our country. On this occasion the mini game of Mountain View , they propose to finish with plenty of ghosts on the screen of your mobile phone.

Halloween de Google

For this reason we only enter, and click on the logo of the search engine, which has transformed its traditional appearance in one more terrifying for this occasion. Once you press on this logo will begin the game. See a small intro that we put in situation accompanied of a simple tutorial.

Halloween de Google

The objective of the game is ending all the ghosts that appear on screen, so we must make various gestures on the screen with your fingers. These are drawn on each of the ghosts that appear on the screen of the mobile phone, it can be a horizontal line, a “V”, an inverted “V”, and thus a long list of gestures that will be accumulated and combining to form real combos we have to do to stop them.

Halloween de Google

As in them games more classic, there are enemies late in each phase, and are they which us will ask make more gestures to finish with them, in some cases more than ten followed. To regain hearts, that is basically the energy of our character, have that draw a heart on screen when it see between them ghosts. As was of wait, is is of a game very simple, but that engages it enough to want more. Obviously, it’s a temporary game that will disappear when you finish Halloween, so take advantage before the end.

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