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Android 7 for the Z Moto and Moto Z Play is coming to Europe

Last year, Lenovo changed strategy in the high range, betting on a design quite premium and modular a system that works pretty well and make much sense. These devices were the new bike for the high range, and the news that we bring today is that 7 Android for the Z Moto and Moto Z Play is already reaching Europe.

This update of Android is one of the most anticipated of the moment. We have news on the next update, since this morning, Google announced Android 7.1.2 for all Pixel and Nexus, so we can say that the new Moto Z going a bit slow on the updates issue compared to other brands…

Android 7 to Moto Z and Z Play update is here

The Moto Z and Z Play are two of the best terminals that Lenovo has made in 2016. These two mobile phones rode a 820 and 652 Snapdragon processor respectively. The two had a 5.5-inch screen, but with different resolutions. Both had a very similar design, but the Bike Z had a much slimmer body, while Z Play was much thicker due to the great drummer that takes exactly 3600 mah.

android 7 para el moto z

As the news that has reached us today, is that, as I mentioned last week, Android 7 to Moto Z Play update was getting closer, but has been confirmed by the company on its Twitter official in Germany, saying that is already released the OTA of the latest version of Android for family Moto Z i.e., both for the normal Z as the Z Play.

What brings this update?

Currently, the Moto Z are two good devices. Carry ones processors enough powerful for the range in which are, and one of the best points that has is its software, since has Android pure. This update will bring enough improvement to the operating system, such as a better energy management, better performance, or a panel of notifications with a different design.

Also much people says that need this update for power change them DPI of the Moto Z Play, as has a screen very large and a resolution low, by what them elements is come very large in the screen, and is sees too little information. We hope that within a week or two.

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