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All the themes of SwiftKey free as promotion for Christmas

SwiftKey prepares a new promotion in the face of the Christmas holidays and would do so with one of their best, free themes. And is the company behind the development of one of the best predictive for Android keyboard – also available for iOS– would more than one hundred issues of payment available to its users, free of charge. The date estimated for the activation of this offer with free SwiftKey topics would be on Thursday, December 1.

SwiftKey can consider is one of those keyboards more full of the panorama Android, and it is not only by its algorithm of software for launch their precise predictions of words. It is by their Tools attached and crowd of settings and settings and at the same time by the capacity to be custom. And it is that the app has integrated themes shop from which you can install plenty of themes with different colors and designs. It is this part which gives the company, which was acquired this year by Microsoft, a specific source of income once based its business model on freemium.

Free themes of SwiftKey

As we can read in Ubergizmo, SwiftKey activate tomorrow same a new promotion on the occasion of Christmas. The truth is that on specific occasions the firm launches special offers and promotions that put at the fingertips of your customers a way to expand the customization of the virtual keyboard. A configuration that SwiftKey introduced recently in paragraph SwiftKey Hub.Tienda de temas para SwiftKey

With this promotion, SwiftKey waterpower over one hundred subjects through his Store, where the user can download them without cost. In addition, for such an occasion the firm will include a new pack of themes on the occasion of the Christmas promotion.

For users of Android and iOS

Users of Android devices can access the free themes for a limited time through SwiftKey Hub, the section of settings of the keyboard which can be accessed through the icon with three parallel lines found on the left side of the display, at medium altitude. For users of iOSdevices, will only need enter the SwiftKey app from the desktop and access the section design. From there we will have access to the store of issues and we can view bids.

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