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A new Asus with the Snapdragon 821 would use technology Project Tango

Ago already months that came out the first phone to the market with it Technology Project Tango, and this was the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, a terminal of range half with some large dimensions and that had the possibility of use the new technology made by Google. This technology not was, apparently, all finished, since continued giving errors and not developed all the potential that had, but the filtration that us arrives today us makes think that Project Tango not has dead.

Google and Asus opt for virtual reality

Already not missing nothing to begin to see all them presentations of them new products in the CES of the Vegas, but before start, have could know an of them smartphones that goes to present Asus the day 4 of January. Qualcomm, in his blog, has posted that there will be a new Asus Zenfone AR that take the processor Snapdragon 821. This terminal will be focused to squeeze the reality virtual, since also, according to the summary of the blog of Qualcomm, will be compatible with them glasses DayDream View of Google, to use them with applications as YouTube, Netflix, HBO or directly to play.

Asus AR

Also we have been able to know how will be the appearance of this terminal. Know the size that will have the terminal, but surely follow the same lines that the phone from Lenovo with large dimensions. See as will take a button home in the part front that also will make of sensor of traces, and in the part back see the camera and them sensors necessary for use the technology Google Tango.

What do we expect from this new Asus terminal?

Zenfone AR, for their compatibility with Google-virtual reality and also with integrated Project Tango, will cause us to wait a fairly large panel and a very high, as the Phab 2 Pro resolution. Your hardware will do the rest, since it will be one of the most powerful phones in the market in the absence of run first with the Snapdragon 835. We will have to see how Project Tango evolved to check that there is a change with respect to the telephone of Lenovo since this technology has enormous potential, but Google failed to get all the possible benefit.

There is nothing left to know all the details of this terminal. Morning 4th of January is the selected day to present this terminal to all media that are at the CES in Las Vegas.

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