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Asterix and Friends: Relive the adventures of the Gallic hero


Many of the most popular games that can be found in the catalogs of applications come from the adaptations of the cinematographic or literary works that have caused fury among millions of users, as I have mentioned on other occasions. The Walking Dead, the Lord of the rings and Marvel …

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Unleash the Kingdom of dragons on Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom


When we frequently present some of the most popular role-playing games within the application catalogs, emphasize that one of the characteristics of these titles is the fact that possess Visual and sound effects very accomplished despite be from which they found in the works of the great traditional consoles, little …

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Zombie Squad: role, humor and strategy together in a same title


With the arrival of Halloween, it industry audiovisual and it of video games is flood of tens of movies, series and titles that used them elements more characteristic of this festivity for get the greater success among the public. The fear sells and a sample of this are franchises as …

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One of the robots: metal creatures in Real Steel combat


When it comes to speak of games from science fiction, we see how the dystopian future in which zombie apocalypse have taken place or wars worldwide, have legions of followers around the world who have placed them as the most popular of the genre. However, robotics also has its place …

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