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A failure of manufacturing renders the screen of some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

He iPhone 6, and to a greater extent the iPhone 6 Plus, experienced problems with their covers of aluminium. The same is folding with some ease by the area where is integrate them buttons of volume. It is what is commonly called bendgate and that Apple solved it on the iPhone 6s with a more resistant metal alloy. Without, however, an indeterminate number of units of the generation of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus iPhone failing by a problem, apparently linked to the bendgate, and is related to the lack of sensitivity or disablement of the digitizer screen of smartphones.

According to exposes iFixit, the signature that is made popular by their detailed videos in which dismantling them smartphones more pointers of the sector and determines the grade of difficulty of their repairs, some units of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are susceptible to present failures that disable the function touch of the screen. After detecting the problem, experts have wanted to see both the number of units repaired in different technical services and the source of the problem.

A real problem collecting the official forums of Apple

The forums official of Apple already recorded the aforementioned problem. Until the same company is conscious of them same and derived to their customers to them different way to take party of the solution. However, iFixit has wanted investigate why the screen of some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus leaves of respond to be unused.

As you can see in the video, there is a strip in it part top that takes a color greyish. A detail physical that is paramount to the failure of the function touch of the display. Sometimes, in one single area, others the length and width of the screen, leaving the majority of functions of the iPhone useless. The problem lies in that who have started experiencing these problems have finished by see how the panel touch of your iPhone left of work definitely.

Welding imperfect in the iPhone 6

Why it happens? One of the technical services dedicated to the arrangement of devices from Apple – iPad Rehab – delves into the origins of this bug. And it is this type of repair is on the rise and the Technical Department of the company knows perfectly from where derives. Apparently, all part of a bad contact of the chip that manages the function touch of the screen. Some spot welds fail, doing that occasionally chip and Board lost contact.Chip defectuoso del iPhone 6

The bendgate also influences

That is the simplest explanation, but we must deepen further to determine the reason for the failure of the iPhone screen 6 and 6 Plus iPhone affected. The problem in fact part Flex suffering housing in every day. By minimum that is, the rigidity of these parts makes that the welding of the chip, that is is in the part superior of the display, Miss consistency.

The problem is exacerbated since Apple changed the metal shield that offered the iPhone 5s for this chip to an adhesive strip on the iPhone 6, which impact when it comes to absorb the forces from the torque that receives the housing. A problem that seems largely reproduces over time, reason why possibly at present, after more than one year on the market, are more and more affected. Not is possible, by the time, quantify the number of affected, but the sources consulted are running that them different services technical that is make charge of repairs of iPhone have seen increase is this type of troubleshooting of form remarkable during them last months, until the point of attend to hundreds of affected to the week.Protección del chip defectuoso de la pantalla del iPhone 6

So, the solution is to replace the chip by a new and weld it or, occasionally, replace the plate containing the aforementioned chip. Also, if it is under warranty, Apple is responsible on the basis of the policies of warranty and replacement of defective terminals.

Item manufacturing failure knocked out some 6 iPhone screen and iPhone 6 Plus was published in MovilZona.

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