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ZTE Blade V7 a complete phone at an attractive price MoviStar

The day doesn’t demand always extreme performance in mobile terminals. If your needs are complete, but the maximum power is not something that worries you especially the mid-range Android is an excellent opportunity for you. Here live a lot of proven quality phones, as for example the ZTE Blade V7 that Movistar offers an attractive price.

This model with operating system Android Marshmallow and 5.2-inch display (with a resolution of 1080 p, so it offers quality quite good image in what is displayed in the pane), is possible to buy it for a price of 229 euros, which is fine since we are talking about a device that supports LTE and all types of connectivity (including FM radio).

Teléfono ZTE Blade V7

By the way, that the V7 ZTE Blade design is attractive, since it is present a small rear curvature for better grip, and also has a soft lines. Use it for a long time not tire nothing, since we are talking about a device that weighs only 138 grams and has a thickness of 7.95 mm. And all of this with a 2.540 mAhbattery, which means that it is possible to talk with him more than 12 hours without problems and sail up to eight. Therefore, solvent without a doubt.

Enough power

This is shown because there is the V7 ZTE Blade inside a processor of eight cores of MediaTek, which works at a frequency of 1.3 GHz. This ensures that carry out all type of operations usual not is nothing problematic in no time. In addition, its 2 GB of RAM ensure there are no delays with apps, and that it is possible to open several of them at the same time while its performance is compromised.

All this is accompanied by interesting details that are quite positive, as for example the internal storage is 16 GB, expandable using microSD of up to 256 “gigas” card. By the way, the photography section is very well solved, longer than 13 megapixel rear camera which allows recording Full HD – and has Dual-flash, which improves the options in low light (sensor for the selfies is 5 Mpx).

Teléfono ZTE Blade V7 en Movistar

Striking price of the ZTE Blade V7

As we have indicated before the terminal can be paying only 229 euros, so the payout is not particularly high and saving is evident. This is the case if you buy the ZTE Blade V7 free and, also, if access one of the rates offered Movistar on its website.

This last option allows you to finance the purchase of the ZTE Blade V7 and, for example, can be the terminal for less than 11 euro fee for 24 months. A possibility that it will fit where looking for a good phone for every day – with power to carry out all kinds of operations – because the device offers a very good relationship quality/price.

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