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ZTE Axon 7 proves to be one of the toughest mobile in this video

ZTE Axon 7 It was introduced in the middle of the month of may, turning it from the time of its release in one of the most powerful handsets of the time. The new great flagship of ZTE belongs to the select club of telephone with 6 GB of RAM, and also has a design really attractive, benefited from excellent materials which it is made. Now a test showing their resistance to scratches, fire and bend in this video, where it has proven to be one of the toughest today.

That a phone is powerful and beautiful does not have to be at odds with it being resistant to some unforeseen in the form of accident, as scratches, unexpected twists and even a source of heat which can be exposed by chance.

ZTE Axon 7 stoically resists this test

As we say, the power and the design do not have to be at odds with the resistance, and this is showing the following video, which puts to the test the ZTE Axon 7 in crowd situations that seem more like torture than a test of resistance. First of all, the screen of the ZTE shows the scratch resistance, being these notable only at greater depths, which undoubtedly shows that for a scratch is engraved on the screen need too much force or a really sharp lens.

Scratches on his body, they obviously leave a footprint, but generally behaves very well in this aspect, provided that we talk about scratches that can occur in everyday use. Made blade is not able to make any mark on the camera lenses, both the front and rear, both remain unchanged before attempts to scratch. The same happens with the fingerprint reader, which despite the deep scratches still working perfectly, which shows excellent workmanship and scratch resistance.

ZTE Axon 7 test resistencia

The fire also attempts to wreak their havoc, but fails, the screen keeps its original form, not darken and also works perfectly after exposure to flame. And finally the most important test, the bend test, measuring their resistance to bending.

ZTE Axon 7 bend test

Here the ZTE Axon 7 gives the chest do and proves to be sufficiently flexible as to regain their original shape after having been exposed to a major force. The result, there are no signs of the phone have doubled, what comes to endorse ZTE Axon 7 is one of the toughest phones we’ve seen in recent months.

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