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Zonetacts, WhatsApp to talk with strangers who are close to

The truth is that the proposal interesting and apply the same principles that have other apps aimed at the flirting. Zonetacts is not born with this idea, but with the connect to unknown to others that are nearby and have common interests, which we will keep ephemeral conversations, as happens when we passed someone on the street.

Enter whether the idea of Zonetacts seems that you can pervert quickly or not and become one “Tinder” more, unless the application does not come with that intention. What is, according to its creators it is connect to the people again, we have around us to talk to them, ask for help or talk with a stranger of the same way that we could do it if we passed it on the street.

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The proposal of Zonetacts comes to be that of a public chat with the people we have around us in which each one asks for help or comments it seems you, the style of Snapchat which also copies the feature that made it more noticeable, the ephemeral nature of the talks.

Zonetacts, WhatsApp to speak to people as if you cross the street

Just as we would not keep in our memory have asked someone about a site’s address or if you know if we have a Bank near, conversations in Zonetacts they have the same intention as that is erased once we just talk to that person. I.e., it will not be so easy to maintain simultaneous conversations since if we close a, returning to open it you can not be or if it is, we have those who have commented.

pantallazos de zonetacts

According to their creators this allows from make new friendships, share the emotion live of an event or, of face to them companies, connect quickly with the people that is to its around to offer them promotions or attract visitors. It good of Zonetacts is that can choose what thematic are that US interest and, therefore, if not are looking for “friendship”, nobody should comment us nothing to the respect and only, for example, sites in which eating well.

In addition, we can set up a site where we want total privacy, i.e., where they will be absolutely invisible and no one will find us to talk with us. For example, so that we do not disturb at work or in class.

Another Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder…? There is room for everyone?

Applications, as usual, are a proposal and will have to see, first, if the people you want to install a new application that will be added to all your other social networks where, in addition, are more anonymous never, exposed, given that not never talk with acquaintances (or is at least not the idea) and, finally and after they will be giving information to others who do not know and over to have them near.

But, also said in Snapchat that “who would want an app for messaging in which deleted messages?” and the rest, as it is already history.

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