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YouTube Go, new app official for download videos from YouTube and share them

Seems that to Google is you going by removing the fear to the people is can download videos of YouTube and share them. For this, after offer this function in your platform online, announce now the launch of YouTube Go -that not has nothing that see with Pokemon or the reality augmented-, but is is of give the option of power see them videos in any site.

In 2014, as it reminds us of YouTube, the ability to view the videos was launched off-line on the online platform is likely this surprise you because it is a function that is only allowed in certain territories and if those who have uploaded the video to activate it. This is complemented makes little with Smart Offline, a function that left schedule the download of videos when had best wide of band-almost always by being connected to the WiFi of our House-.

So is can download videos of YouTube’s way “official”

This is what now flows in the new app YouTube Go, presented but that still can not download, that will concentrate all the videos that you can download on YouTube and will, in addition, allow us to share them with our friends.

descarga de vídeos en youtube go

But this form of sharing them also follows the spirit “offline” which is YouTube Go and that it will have to be physically beside our friend – and that this has also installed the application – to pass from one to another video that we have downloaded.

metodo para compartir vídeos en youtubego

The application will have with other options as which us will allow choose the quality of the video to download, what is translate in more or less megs or see a preview of video before download it.

If you live in the West, YouTube Go is not intended for you

And it is that this YouTube Go will start to distribute in India to then make the leap to other territories, whether it is arriving. The reason not is another that the platform of videos online of Google is trying to of open is way in those territories where has more problems. And no, not is that in these countries not are hooked to the last viral, but their connections mobile not are it good that makes missing, even in many sites predominates even the 2 G.

With this YouTube Go what is tries to is that these users consume also them content of the platform-since is by see how is integrates the advertising in these downloads- and by this is opt by offer a alternative offline can download videos of YouTube without problems.

That Yes, if you want to be aware of when leaves YouTube Go in your country, you can sign up here and Google will let you know.

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