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YouTube Gaming lands in Spain as an alternative to Twitch

YouTube Gaming is the alternative to Twitch for more than one year has been operating in us and British territory. Now finally the platform of videos for gamer lands of form official in Spain with the support of numerous YouTubers with the purpose of approach to all them users content related with the world of the consoles and games for PC or smartphones.

Thanks to the new applications for iOS and Android YouTube Gaming you will be always informed about the world of video games, the players and culture gamer that each day more attention. By means of this service of videos-with an interface adapted to the public to which are directed, but with a performance similar to the of the YouTube classic-, can access to videos and emissions live with chat.

The content you’ll find at YouTube Gaming goes from trailers for new releases, the usual ‘gameplays’ of famous players, reviews of new titles or any content pra gamers.

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What does YouTube Gaming?

As it happens with other platforms such as the aforementioned Twitch, Google wants to reach the public more gamer place through YouTube Gamingplatform, a place where in addition to be able to view your favorite channels you have over 25,000 games at your fingertips so you organize them as you want. You can add games to your collection or subscribe to a channel and receive the classic alert when there is some novelty in it.

Of course, it also has a system of recommendations through which you can discover new channels and users according to your preferences. All this with the world “gamer”-oriented search results.

But not only you will find videos of games and the contents of the network’s most famous YouTubers, since YouTube Gaming, like Twitch, also places a special emphasis on direct broadcasting. The streaming comes with such powerful features such as emission in Ultra HD, DVR, 360 formats and the ability to enable system multi-camera, besides the classical functions of chat, among others.

Thanks to the Android app can even broadcast your own Play Store downloads games games simply by pressing a button. The app also offers the possibility of recording your own videos as well as the comments that you may receive during the broadcast.

Then you leave with respective YouTube Gaming applications for Google’s operating system and for iOS devices.

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