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YouTube Gaming is updated with several improvements in the display

The bet of Google to share the experience of users when playing with their mobile devices is called YouTube Gaming and true, is that the platform was not receiving interesting news for some time. As well, this has changed with the release of the version 1.5 in which is include advances important, some of them essential to optimize the display of them videos.

Perhaps the most interesting possibility is heading now in YouTube Gaming is that phones it is possible to use the landscape screen for them creations is see much better- and, by extension, that is take advantage of to the maximum the dimensions of the panel that is has-. This comes to give response to the demand of many users (and creators) that, with reason, believe that is the best way of enjoy of them contained.

Nuevo modo apaisado en YouTube Gaming

Another new possibility which is the starting in version 1.5 of YouTube Gaming, is the inclusion of the integrated chat in full – screen landscape mode. This, of course, allows that don’t have to lose anything of what is by having access to the chat area, and therefore it is possible to write and read comments in a much more intuitive way. The truth is that as you can see in the image below there, the venue is appropriate and that the background is transparent, again a success.

YouTube Gaming will arrive this summer with specific applications for Android and iOS

Other improvements in YouTube Gaming 1.5

If all this is little, the new version of the Google development includes other interesting improvements that optimize its use. An example of what we say is that now view history videos have been seen is the most simple and optimal. In this way, use this section to locate something that liked previously possible and also advisable.

Finally, there are other minor issues which are the starting – apart from the bug fixes and optimization of use. A example is the arrival of the sponsors, so of this form is possible subscribe is to a channel and participate to finance it (by put an example). In addition, also advancing find content in regions determined, which favors to locate recordings in one language or another.

Historial en YouTube Gaming
Selección de región en YouTube Gaming
Inclusión de sponsors en YouTube Gaming

Many new features as seen on YouTube Gaming, a very interesting platform and needed a good push , as does almost six months that not received modification or advance one. And this, in the world of applications is a world.

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