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You will not get rid of fines, they now arrive by SMS or email

Is finished that of thinking that we can rid of them fines simply ignoring them. From 3 October changes law indicating how can notified us the Administration both such documents as your other requirements that now will through an SMS or an email.

The Administration is modernized, and perhaps for what interests them they will say many because, for example, the book of family is still done by hand in Spain and go to register nearly a month after having requested – as you hear it if still you have married or had family-.  However, for it seems that if you are interested in, the digital world offers advantages since the administration they will not to miss when you start up the new Law the procedure administrative common of the administrations public which, dated 3 October, will begin to regulate the protocols the Administration continue to interact with citizens and that no one is going to be able get rid of fines anymore.

And one of these we will affect to our phone mobile since van to revitalize something that seemed forgotten with the WhatsApp, them SMS. Maybe that none of your friends send you already nothing through these, but now we arrive there things like fines, requirements, and almost any type of communication that we want to make the Administration in order to, according to them, eliminate bureaucratic obstacles for citizens and achieve savings in the management.

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You can not deliver you Fines do not pick it up in post

So far, to receive a fine we had that give the postman. If we weren’t came three days later and if we still not collected it, it was waiting on post so we were going to pick it up. In many cases, it was enough to not go for it to claim that we had not heard and so find as get rid of fines.

From Hacienda, indicated that starting next week “the Administration will send a notice to the electronic device to the email address communicated by the interested party informing him of the making available of a notification accessible through electronic means – i.e. SMS or email , even though the applicant has not expressly indicated its preference for the electronic notification “, and Additionally it is forwarded on paper”.

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Not everything is bad, things that they can also be done electronically and are good news

We have focused on this detail, but the truth is that you as a whole, the new standard will have interesting, especially to face the self-employed sinceit is generalized to any procedure or administrative procedure the obligation that so far had essentially companies interact electronically with public administrations”. Or what is the same, the payment of taxes, high or low of workers in Social Security, application of business licenses, etc. will no longer need us personemos and lose one morning in an office.

On the other hand, it is also good news that we don’t have to go with the umpteenth photocopy of ID or another document that we have provided already thousand times. Procedures such as presentation of original documents are removed or who have already been furnished or those as DNI, passport or registration certificates that have been produced by the own administrations.

The article not you going to rid of them fines, now arrive by SMS or email electronic is published in MovilZona.

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