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You know these audio accessory to complete your tablet

During the last few days, I have been giving a series of stunts focused to improve Visual and audio experiences that you have through your tablets and smartphones. As we remember above, these supports have been moving gradually to other traditional and larger as television and become tools used for playing our songs, favorite movies and series. On the other hand, the same social order has also allowed outperform other formats thank you, for example, to the incorporation therein of cameras and properties of very powerful image and audio allowing you to share all kinds of images and tracks through social networks.

To take even more advantage of the terminals, there are plenty of Accessories which, in some cases, may be the most curious and that we showed you some last week. Today, and in accordance with the advice in the field of sound that we gave yesterday, I will show you a list of speakers that can be very useful if you plan to become your tablets authentic professional teams that provide the best possible devices when you want to relax and unwind even if you’re in the shower.

Before you begin…

As not all devices are equal in terms of their properties, nor offer the same results when using them for playback of content. Screen resolutions, its dimensions and in this case, the existence of series built-in audio systems or the presence of noise, are decisive. Currently you will find various kinds of accessory depending on their connectivity to the device. On the one hand, the Wirelessnetworks using WiFi or Bluetooth as a port, and secondly, that Yes require physical outlets and using the jack and USB.

elephone phablet usb

1 Square Box

Developed by Xiaomi, this loudspeaker is characterized by its dimensions reduced and its approach to environments more small. Connected to the terminals via Bluetooth and, according to its developers, offers an autonomy of approximately 8 hours and its maximum range is 10 meters. Another of the points strong of the Square Box, is its price, that round the 20 euros. If you listen to your favorite bands in rooms as your room, the peripheral of the Chinese company can be an interesting option that combines quality and price despite not being the most powerful in the market.

2 Sumvision Psyk

We continue with a Docking speaker. This system is characterised by the fact that we must introduce the terminals within the attachment which, at the same time, supports. With a weight that is around 400 grams, the most striking of this peripheral is the fact that houses a microphone which can make calls at the same time offering an autonomy close to 16 hours. Like that produced by Xiaomi, its cost is approaching the 20 euro in some of the most popular online shopping portal in the world, which also ranks it as an affordable object and also easy to carry.

sumvision psyc negro

3 Whitelabel Drop

If you like to sing in the shower and you are of those who listen to their favorite bands even under water, this speaker can be you useful since it is specially designed to withstand the liquid element. Its suction cup at the bottom, lets stick to the walls of the baths without suffering the most damage. Available in three colors: black, pink and blue, is compatible with Windows terminals both Android and iOS according to their manufacturers. With a starting price of 40 euros, now reduced to almost half, once again, in electronic shopping portals.

4 Fugoo Style

As in tablets and smartphones, there is a wide range of prices ranging from those who are around 50 euros, to others that exceed 2,000, in the field of the speakers something similar happens. Fourthly we told you more about an accessory that it is around 140 euros and that, despite having a range of 10 meters, which is not the best on the market, characterized by its resistance to shock, their autonomy, which can be reached within 2 days, and a system that cleans the background noises and that allows you to modify the balance of treble and bass tones.

fugoo style altavoz

5 Karman

We conclude with a kit from one of the largest manufacturers in the world in sound equipment. Allows you to connect through Bluetooth and its strengths are its cost, 28 euros approximately, the duration of your battery, that is around 7 hours, and the fact that it is also resistant to water but in smaller amounts than other speakers. His biggest drawback may be its charging time, approaching 4 hours. It has microphone and also hands-free.

These five speakers that you have presented are only a fraction of all that we can find in the market. Those who I have shown, are on the one hand, examples of how it is possible to find some with a relationship between quality and acceptable price, and at the same time, as with the case of Fugoo, others more elaborate that can also be adjusted to needs of the most demanding and pockets. You have available more information relating to sound like a list of most common audio bugs existing in tablets and smartphones.

The article meets these accessories of sound to complete your tablet was published in TabletZona.

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