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You can hire HBO Spain but would where is your app iOS or Android? (Updated)

Now hiring HBO in Spain, the service can be rival Netflix and game of Thrones as series Star and best known. But to prove it in the mobile you will make missing download the app HBO Spain that, still, not is available in our country in any type of system operating mobile.

How us announce them companions of the Android free, HBO already is can hire in Spain and try it in your web page by 7.99 euros to the month, with a month free. However, the joy is not complete because to see if we can do it from your mobile, your applications for tablets and smartphones, as well as any other device in Spain are not available.

The first month that gives us free service to make us partner only you can enjoy in front of the computer, or well, let’s see if it would be possible to also begin to have the application on your phone to try it from Spain.

HBO applications for iOS and Android in Spain for when?

How to comment, at the time of writing this article is not possible to download or the iOS App Store app not for Android from Google Play. (UPDATED: now available in Google Play) For iPhone users, we don’t have any solution, but the Android could think have appeal, as it is customary, to other means to get the APK of HBO GO, for example.

But it won’t serve much, or anything, since the HBO app has access to the device’s geographical position and knows that we are not in the United States. UU., by what although install hand the application thanks to download the APK we will leave this message.

pantallazo HBO GO

However, is that never can connect us to the service of HBO Spain with HBO GO. I.e., instead of what makes Netflix that you have an application for everyone, we have to wait for the app HBO Spain since if we look on Google Play or App Store, we see that the producer of game of Thrones service makes a app for each country.

Lack of synchronization or Vodafone exclusive?

The truth is that it seems that there has been some lack of synchronization in the launch of HBO in Spain outside Vodafone (to remember has exclusive service for a few months). On their website you can read that HBO Spain is compatible with iOS 8 and Android 5.0 or newer.

Cómo ver HBO España

This makes us think that at some point the corresponding to each system app can be downloaded but I already warned that if you give high today to try the free month of HBO, only you can access the service through the browser on the device that you’re using (as we can read in the help page, nor will be from your TV because it seems that apps only Vodafone TV has them).

We will be attentive to two apps stores to see if throughout the day, this situation is reversed, but now in the mobile only if you have Vodafone TV app is how to enjoy more or less comfortably in Spain service outside the browser.


It seems that in the end it has only been a bad timing of the launch and you can download HBO Spain already in Google Play. Sometimes the impatience we can (and is that we thought it was so rare that it was not available)

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