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You can already vote to let you try the OnePlus 3 in Spain

OnePlus 3 is one of the most powerful phones this 2016, and also the most popular. Since their presentation a couple of weeks ago not stopped copy today, both for good and for evil. Just remember the controversy with his disappointing RAM memory. Ah0ra company offers Spanish mortals vote so that we at least have the possibility of being able to prove their new toy in our country. An incomprehensible strategy by the company in a market as important as the Spanish.

It OnePlus 3 is fully topical, in fact today I have offered our in-depth analysis of this terminal, which shows spectacular features at a price very content.

  • Try the OnePlus 3 Fund

The Chinese company wants to promote its new terminal beyond his native country, and after having announced a tour to different cities around the globe, now company wants to inform the European public with the OnePlus 3 Euro Tour your phone.

OnePlus 3 Euro Tour

For this reason pious OnePlus executives going to allow voting to get its new terminal in some European cities. For this reason since today you can already vote because one of the following cities:

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Brussels
  • Düsseldorf
  • Lyon
  • Madrid
  • Manchester
  • Milan
  • Munich
  • Rome

If you want to vote you can do it from here.

Spain, a market “second” to publicize the OnePlus 3

One thing is that Madrid or Barcelona have not been of the first cities in knowing the OnePlus 3, but what already is not acceptable is that you one of the markets with a higher rate of penetration of mobile as the Spanish is not a priority for the company. We are talking about that even makes sure the arrival of Tour to our country, they will have to be voted first to see if we are lucky enough to receive your caravan.

Imagen lateral del OnePlus 3

The cover of this article is no coincidence, because OnePlus announces with fanfare a tour that would come to our country in the style of “Welcome Mr. Marshall” almost giving thanks for receiving your Tour in our territory when we celebrate the feria of telephony most important in the world, as it is the MWC in Barcelona. It makes no sense that a company that aspires to expand its domain beyond China ningunee one of mobile major markets of the world, such as the Spanish. Surely this shows a great lack of knowledge by the Western market OnePlus.

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