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You can already listen to music while you play a Pokémon GO on Android

Today received an of those updates under of Pokemon GO that seems to not include interesting news until investigated a little more to fund about the same. And is the most recent version de Pokemon GO enables players to listen to music in the background while concentrating on search the Pocket monsters that give name to the game.

If you’re a regular at the Nintendo game you know that previous versions of the popular augmented reality game automatically stopping any background music when you start the application. However with the latest update you can listen to music while playing Pokemon GO without any problem, making much more entertaining the hunt for pokemon.

Although this correction is not mentioned in the change log that lists the Pokémon GO 0.55.0 update version, players from around the world have already confirmed that it exists and it is working as expected.

For power listen music while playing to Pokemon GO must install in your smartphone Android the last update of the game that keeps hooked (with difficulties) to million of players around the globe. You can do it from APKMirror.

New Pokemon Valentine

New update for the game also reduces the initial load times on Android devices and corrects several connectivity problems which sometimes occurred when pairing the Pokemon GO Plus bracelet with the Android version of the game. The changelog of the game also mentioned “small corrections of the text” that tend to be common in this type of “updates”.

pokemon go

However, the update more expected by all players of the title of Niantic, both iOS and Android, could come in just two weeks. As mentioned this morning, it is more than likely coinciding with Valentine’s day, February 14 appearing new second-generation Pokémon available to hunt in the game.

More news from Pokemon GO

Although there is still no official information on that front, expected that a new update of Pokémon GO continues to add new creatures to the Nintendo title, following the strategy that gave beginning last Christmas month. Also hope that Pokemon GO receive several updates important along this year that end of meet them promises of them developers that ensure be working in a mode of player against player and a system of trade in the game that would allow to the users exchange Pokemon and eggs pokemon.

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