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Yoga Tab 3 Plus vs Pixel C: comparative

Have to it turned of the corner the presentation of them new devices of Google and seems that between them there will be a tablet, but apparently will be compact, by what the rival more direct for the new tablet of Lenovo will continue to being the Pixel C, with which are going to face it in the comparative of today. Here we have two of the best Android tablets of the moment, but it is clear that the orientation and strengths and weaknesses of each are quite different. Review the specifications technical of both to help you to choose.


Although in both cases have very good finished and materials (them two arrive with housing metal, although combined with skin for the tablet of Lenovo), in each case stand out features very different: in the Yoga Tab 3 Plus what there is that highlight is its support cylindrical and its system of audio of four speakers, since is a tablet more oriented to the consumption multimedia , while to the comment the design of the Pixel C it more important to have in has are the accessories and particularly the keyboard, since is a tablet designed especially for the work.


Few differences concerning the size, with two relatively large tablets (24.7 x 17.9 cm front 24.2 x 17.9 cm), but in what does weight (644 grams against 513 grams). Finally, when comparing the thickness of both must be taken into account that in the case of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus the number that we have is excluding the thickness of the cylindrical support, which makes the comparison difficult (4.68 mm to 7 mm).

Yoga Tab 3 Plus frontal trasera


The screen is one of the strong points of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus linking to the great sound that we have already mentioned 10.1 inch with Quad HD (2560 x 1600) resolution. Although it is not its main attraction, screen Pixel C is, in any case, excellent also, slightly more large (10.2 inch), mostly as a result of a slightly different aspect ratio, and even a bit higher resolution for the same reason (2560 x 1800).


The figures are also quite similar in the paragraph of performance, despite mount processors different (Snapdragon 652 to 1.8 GHz front Tegra X 1 to 1.9 GHz), to which accompany, that Yes, 3 GB of memory RAM in both cases. A point in favor of the Googletablet, however, is running stock Android, more fluid and optimization.

Storage capacity

Here the balance leans on the side of the Lenovotablet, especially if we are thinking to us with the basic model, because both offer us 32 GB of internal memory, but with the Google tablet we won’t have micro-SDcard slot, as it is usual on their devices.

web de Google consejos y trucos tablets


It’s a claim that will influence (or should influence) less than others on the majority of users, but another sample of the accent on the multimedia aspect of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is the cameras section, since it becomes with one 13 MP at back and one of 5 MP on the front. Them of the Pixel C, in all case, will be more than sufficient for a user average (8 and 2 MP, respectively).


One of them factors that more tend to do highlight to them tablets Yoga is always the battery, of capacity quite more high of it usual in tablets Android of its size (9300 mAh), but there are that say that if there is a that can planting you face in this sense is certainly it Pixel C and, effectively, see that is is very near (9000 mAh). The data final, however, already know that us them will give them tests independent.


We don’t know yet how much will cost the Lenovo tablet when you come to our country, but we hope that it is fairly close to the 500 euros (not counting promotions and discounts for developers) it costs the Pixel C.

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