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Yoga Tab 3 Plus vs Galaxy Tab S2: comparative

Are waiting for impatient to put front the new tablet of Lenovo with it future Galaxy Tab S3, but taking in has that laa presentation is is delaying more than it expected and that from its debut until reaches to them stores still can pass something over time, are going of time to take you a look to their specifications technical measuring them in this comparative with them of it Galaxy Tab S2 that can be achieved at this point, moreover, at very attractive prices. It is worth to wait to reach the Yoga Tab 3 Plus stores or to Samsung submit your next tablet? What you think you?


How whenever we have between a tablet of the range Yoga, in the design section, it should be noted than anything columnar support which should not only help us hold it more comfortably, but it serves to accommodate a larger capacity battery (although not a project this time). A point in its favour regardless of what you think of this, is that this model also boasts premium materials, combining leather and metal, and is resistant to splashes. The tablet of Samsung, for its part, has as attractive added the reader of footprints digital.


Is also difficult to compare with the Yoga Tabletdimensions, since their design makes them quite different to those of the rest of tablets: compared with the Galaxy Tab S2, in particular, we see that it is somewhat larger (24.7 x 17.9 cm front 23.73 x 16.9 cm), notably heavier 644 grams against 389 grams) and somewhat thinner , because that is not taken into account the cylindrical support (4.68 mm compared with 5.6 mm).

Yoga Tab 3 Plus frontal trasera


Although we have two screens of high level, some interesting differences, related, mainly, which made that the Lenovo tablet using the aspect ratio there are 16:10 (optimized for video) and Samsung’s 4:3 (optimized for reading): the first, has a size of 10.1 pulgdas and resolution 2560 x 1660, while the second is something smaller , with 9.7 inch, and its resolution is also somewhat lower, with 2048 x 1536.


In the performance section, it should be noted that we are with different processors, but not-too-distant figures (Snapdragon 652 of eight cores and 1.8 GHz Exynos of eight cores and 1.9 GHz. In memory RAM the equality is even more clear, with 3 GB every a.

Storage capacity

Absolute tie in the section on storage capacity, on the other hand, with 32 GB of internal memory and the possibility of extending it externally through card micro-SD, typically for high-end Android.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 blanco


That there is a victory clear for the tablet of Lenovo in the paragraph of cameras, while is certain that for the majority of them users not should be especially relevant when is is of choose a tablet. If any of you, however, is to use frequently, should note that your main camera is 13 MP and the front of 5 MP, while the Samsung tablet are 8 and 2 MP, respectively.


We saw that the Lenovo tablet was much heavier than the Samsung, but I already noticed that in this range it is normal that devices come with a larger than normal battery, and, indeed, the advantage of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is wide, with 9300 mAh face 5870 mAh. It should not be forgotten, in any case, that consumption is a factor equally important, so the last word the evidence of actual use will have it.


The price may be a key factor when choosing, above all because it is one of the attractions which now has the Galaxy Tab S2, which is available now for 400 euros, a very interesting price for a tablet of their level. With regard to the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, however, will have to wait a little longer, because we still don’t have official data from its launch in our country.

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