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Yoga Plus 3 Tab vs iPad Pro 9.7: comparative

The Yoga Tab 3 Plus that US showed yesterday Lenovo us left some fantastic prints and is profiled as one of them releases more interesting of the year, capable of face is of you to you them large tablets of Apple, Samsung and the rest of large names of the sector, as are going to power in them next comparative that you are going to dedicate , and start measuring your technical specifications which is currently the star of Apple company catalogue (with permission of the model of 12.9 inches): the iPad Pro 9.7. What are them points strong of each an of them and what are the bazas of the new Yoga for face is to the Queen of them tablets? We are going to discover it.


We have two very special tablets so it is concerned with the design and with many extras that deserves punishment take into account: in the case of the iPad Pro is worth mentioning, as always, its elegant aluminium casing, but also Touch ID and your four speakers, as well as various accessories with which we can complement it; in the case of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, we must highlight the combination of leather and metal, cylindrical side support that not only gives us a comfortable grip point, but that serves as support to leave it on a flat surface and which houses a battery of more capacity than usual, and the fact that it is splash-resistant In addition to which it also has a four speaker system.


Although by what regarding to the size not there are differences especially notable (24.7 x 17.9 cm facing 24 x 16.95 cm), but there are others paragraphs to which that there is that provide attention: hand, see that it Yoga Tab 3 Plus is quite more heavy (644 grams front 437 grams) but, by another, leaving always to the margin the support , is significantly more fine (4.68 mm front 6.1 mm).

lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus


While the screen of the iPad Pro is one of the best (especially if we limit ourselves to LCD panels), can be said that the Yoga Tab 3 Plus has enough points to match or beat it, especially thinking of multimedia contents, for which his (16:10 format, optimized for video playback, with 4:3, optimized for reading) is more appropriate , because its screen is also wider (10.1 inch front 9.7 inch) and has more resolution (2560 x 1600 with 2048 x 1536), enough to keep a higher pixel density still larger (291-PPI front 264 PPI).


This is the point in which probably the balance is tilt over the side of the iPad Pro, taking in has that your processor is of it more powerful in a tablet of its size and that the of Yoga Tab 3 Plus is of range average (Snapdragon 652 of eight nuclei and 1.8 GHz of frequency facing A9X of double core and 2.16 GHz) , although there are that say that this last beat in memory RAM (3 GB front 2 GB).

Capacity of storage

In the section on storage capacity is something more complicated to establish what is the winner, although it seems that the balance leans over the side of the Lenovotablet: the two depart 32 GB of internal memory and although the iPad Pro comes up to 256 GB, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus has the virtue to have micro-SD card slot , what us allows you to expand the memory of form internal.

nuevo iPad Pro


While is not a section to which normally advise to pay attention when it comes to tablets, can be said that in this case we find ourselves with two outstanding devices in this sense, with a decent Smartphone cameras, both the main (13 MP facing 12 MP) as the front (5 MP in both).


There will be that wait to them tests of autonomy to confirm it, but us bow to grant you the advantage of split to the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, that compensates for its greater weight with a battery of a huge capacity, with nothing less that 9300 mAh, while it of the iPad Pro 9.7 is of 7306 mAh.


We don’t know yet how it will launch Lenovo this new Yoga Tab 3 Plus in our country, but it seems difficult that it reaches (and much less exceed) the of the iPad Pro 9.7, which is one of the tablets of 10 most expensive inch that we can buy, selling from 670 euros.

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