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Yoga Plus 3 Tab vs Huawei MediaPad M2 10: comparative

The MediaPad who presented us with Huawei in Berlin, despite its countless attractions, probably not can be considered an alternative to the new Yoga Tab 3 Plus, simply as a matter of size. Those looking for a level 10-inch tablet in the catalogue of the Chinese company must be again, on the other hand, the MediaPad M2 10, that is, therefore, that we are going to confront the Lenovo tablet in this comparison with the technical specifications of both. What of them two are adjusts best to what seek ye?


In the paragraph of design is, obviously, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus which more called it attention, due to its unusual support cylindrical, while the of it MediaPad M2 is much more classic, with a couple of extras interesting, in all case: reader of traces digital (for them two versions) and stylus own (for the version premium). The two have in common some virtues, however: materials premium (metal and skin for the Lenovo tablet and metal for the Huawei) and a powerful audio system with four speakers.


As we have said on other occasions, it is difficult to compare the dimensions of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus with other tablet, due to its unique design, which makes it large and heavy as normal, but also thinner. Indeed, we are precisely that compared with the MediaPad M2, which expires in size (cm 24.7 x 17.9 against 23.98 x 17, 28 cm) and weight (644 grams to 500 grams) and lost (4.68 mm compared with 7.4 mm) thickness.

Yoga Tab 3 Plus frontal trasera


Although in both cases we have a screen of 10.1 inch (optimized for video playback) 16:10 aspect ratio, but there is an important difference resolution in favour of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus (2560 x 1600 1920 x 1200front) logically, perceived also compared their respective densities of pixels (291-PPI front 264 PPI).


While each an of them mounted a processor different (Snapdragon 652 facing Kirin 930), we found with specifications technical very similar (eight nuclei and 1.8 GHz of frequency maximum facing eight nuclei and 2.0 GHz of frequency maximum), especially if compared with the model premium of the MediaPad M2, that equals in memory RAM to it Yoga Tab 3 Plus (3 GB).

Capacity of storage

The advantage in the section on storage capacity is for the tablet from Lenovo, which offers double the internal memory (32 GB versus 16 GB), while it is true that the two have micro-SDcard slot, which gives us the opportunity to somewhat alleviate the difference with external storage.

M2 blanco


In both cases us found with cameras simply outstanding (13 MP for the main and 5 MP for the front) for what are accustomed in a tablet, that probably van to exceed our needs, but that, in all case, them leave matches and you subtract even more importance to this paragraph at the time of choose between both.


With very few exceptions, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, thanks to its 9300 mAh, wins easily to battery capacity with respect against similar-sized Android Tablet and with the MediaPad M2 returns to happen (6660 mAh). It must be taken into account, in any case, that consumption is a factor just as important, and although it would be surprising that the Huawei tablet can overcome in autonomy to the Lenovo, we won’t know how great is the difference, in any case, until we don’t see latter in evidence of real use.


Although we don’t know yet how much it will cost the Yoga Tab 3 Plus in our country, than normal would be that it was more expensive than the MediaPad M2 10, which can be found for less even of 350 euros. It must be taken into account, that Yes, the premium model (with stylus, 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage capacity) sold for about 450 euros.

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