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YeeCall. We are before a rival of Google Duo?

Google Duo and his partner Allo, aim to position itself as one of the most used in the world of messaging apps. Despite the leadership of Whatsapp, aspects that is have given to know lately on this last, as for example, the assignment of some of them data personal to Facebook, can lead to many users to raise is on if leave or not this platform that, with the step of the time, has with more rival to beat.

These tools also have suffered an evolution in few years. As all know, in a first moment only could send it messages. However, quickly added other features intended to go a step further and provide an experience more immersive for users. An example of the transformation of these applications is YeeCall, which you then have more details.


As is the case with the latest Google, YeeCall is based on the video calls. One of the strengths of this platform is the fact that we can create groups of up to 20 users with which we can communicate through the audiovisual format. Also, contains all the elements of them applications conventional as the possibility of send messages of text and share files and other type of content.

yecall pantalla


One of the disadvantages of video calling is the fact that consume a large amount of mobile data. On the other hand, if not we are connected to a network stable, the communications lose quality. For trying to solve this problem, them developers of YeeCall have included the function CrispClear, that consists in a test of speed of the connection to which us incorporate and that optimizes it called to avoid the fall of them same. In terms of sound, it has a cleaner of echoes which guarantees, at first glance, a greater clarity of the voice.


YeeCall not have no cost initial, what le has served to overcome the barrier of them 50 million of users. Although that does not require integrated shopping, and have been well received in general terms, it has also received a significant amount of criticism in aspects as verification failures of profiles that prevent its use, and other related interferences and unexpected closures of calls.

WP-Appbox: YeeCall (free, Google Play) →

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You think that YeeCall can be to the height of others as Google Duo and that will be the spearhead of a new generation of apps of messaging? Have available more information related on tools similar as Fluenty so you can say you same.

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