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YAAO 6000: A phablet giant in autonomy but with feet of clay

When we speak of new tablets and smartphones that are put on the market, we try to show that all the components of each device, must be balanced in the best possible way to offer a high overall result that ends up not generating frustrating experiences of use between users. When it comes to illustrate how it is possible to find devices that are pointers in some features but resulting in others, something tight, small Chinese companies that are present in Internet shopping portals and use these platforms to expand into other markets, are a good benchmark, since in many cases, to enhance some specifications, sacrificing others, such as the design or image.

Improvement of autonomy remains a trend that more efforts are focusing this year, since advances as virtual reality or more powerful cameras, require long-lasting batteries that at the same time, allow an optimization of resources used to ensure a better operation of the devices. In this sense, it is possible to find brands more discrete releasing very high terminal on the duration of the loads, it is the case of YAAO, a virtually unknown in Europe technology but intends to land with a phablet which, as we shall see below, can draw attention. But, would a aspect away from all what are accustomed to see and a battery lasting will be sufficient?

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As we just mentioned, one of the most characteristic features of this device is its form. As you can see through existing portals photographs as Phonearena, the automobile Lamborghini would have collaborated in the creation of covers of this model which is rectangular, with more rough edges and which combines touch gold with black along the side frames and the back cover which, interestingly, shows a series of screws in what could be interpreted as a second housing to offer more resistance to bumps and drops.


Here we begin to meet some of the weak points of this phablet which as we will see later, will be focused input range. Its panel, 5.5 inch, would be accompanied by a basic 1280 × 720 pixel HD resolution as it collects Phonearena. In the field of cameras, nor we would see great fanfare, but rather, lenses in the middle that in the case of the rear, would reach the 13 Mpx and in the front, would come to 5. It is unknown if both sensors will be ready to withstand the higher formats videos recording.

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As in many models, the image and speed are more care aspects, in others, they are those who suffer most from the lights and shadows. Another example we have it here since YAAO 6000, as this model is called a RAM single 1 GB to which would be added an initial storage capacity of only 16 but could be expanded a little more through the incorporation of Micro SD card. Its a MT6735 processor, manufactured by MediaTek, was one of the bets for the middle range of the company in 2015. With its 1.3 Ghzmaximum frequency, it supports a maximum of 13 Mpx cameras as it happens in this case.

Operating system and autonomy

In the field of software have not transcended more data but it would be logical that I mounted Android Marshmallow. Nor is has revealed nothing of any possible customization layer. In terms of networks and connections, also they appear again several unknowns, however, manufacturers trying to set aside with an emphasis on your battery. With its 10,900 mAh capacity, it could support several days of mixed use and thanks to the possibility of remove and keep the terminal connected to the current without it, could further improve this parameter. At the moment, has confirmed that it would not have no fast charge technology.

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Availability and price

Presented makes only a few hours in China, currently it is only possible to acquire this device in the Asian giant and exclusively by reservation through some of the most important electronic shopping portals in the country of the great wall. In terms of its price, is it speculation that La ronde the 200 euros approximately. However, neither it was revealed if it will jump to the European market or however, will be a terminal exclusively focused on their place of origin and a maximum of neighbouring regions.

As you have seen, it is possible to find terminals that get attention at first to have, as it is the case of the phablet, a large capacity battery. Doing a more detailed analysis of this type of models, however, we can see how sometimes also hide shadows that might hamper its entry in a market that at high speed we are witnessing on the one hand, an increased number of releases, and on the other, to an improvement in general lines of bets of different brands. Do you think that examples like this, it is revealed that some brands still have much way to go to provide results that can generate the interest of more demanding consumers? You have available more information on similar models so that you can say to yourselves.

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