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This is the tab technical of the Vivo Y37 a model that comes with system operating Android, specifically the version 5.0. Not habitual customization from manufacturer, called Funtouch OS is missing. The terminal is metal, so the design is attractive and it has no access to the battery. By the way, are in a device that is Dual SIM support LTE.

The screen of the phablet is of 5.5 inch, by what is a model that fits for that like of the use of panels of large dimensions, is type IPS, with resolution HD (720 p), by what talk of a density of pixels by under give them 300 ppp as is sees in the tab technical of the live Y37. A good detail of this component is that it has Gorilla Glass 3 protection, what is always a life insurance.

Cameras, without being especially good, comply with what is expected of a high-end model. The main one is 13 megapixel with 2 F:2. opening and capable of recording at 1080 p. The front stays on 5 Mpx, enough to make selfies without excessive complications. The connectivity is well resolved, since is has of WiFi Dual Band and not him lack port of infrared.

Details of live Y37 Datasheet

The processor that is the starting device is a Snapdragon 615 of eight cores working at a frequency of 1.4 GHz and is compatible with 64-bit architecture, and inside there is a 405 Adreno GPU which is capable with the games. RAM, its part and HOWTOs and sees the datasheet of the live Y37, reaches the 2 GB, which is not too much but that’s more than enough in general.

Finally a couple of details that are important know: the first is that the battery of this model is of 2,720 mAh, by what is an amount solvent for the hardware that is includes (although the processor may be something over in issues energy). Finally, and as is appreciated in it tab technical of the live Y37, the storage of this model is of 16 GB, expandable through the use of cards microSD of up to 128 “gigas”, what is a good detail.

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