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XPlay 3S

Factsheet Live Xplay 3S a phone with some quite interesting features and coming with a screen that is striking, since the dimensions that has this component are high, by what we speak of a phablet. Your operating system is Android 4.3, so your hardware is more than enough.

The processor that is starting at this terminal is a Snapdragon 801 which works at a frequency of 2.3 GHz and its interior includes eight cores. Compatible with 64-bit architecture, this component in its interior has a 330 Adreno that is powerful enough with games in three dimensions. the RAM, HOWTOs and sees the datasheet of the live Xplay 3S, is 3GB.

Finished in metal and with small, below dimensions of 10 mm thickness, the model has a battery of 3200 mAh, enough for the hardware that includes, but perhaps rather scarce in some specific moments. Storage that offers the device, as shown in the datasheet of the live Xplay 3S, is 32 GB, no option to extend it through the use of microSD cards.

More than a Factsheet of the live Xplay 3S

Cameras that integrated into the phablet are adequate, with a 13 megapixel main allowing even record with quality 4 K, and a front for the 5 Mpx, which is more than sufficient in General selfies. Connectivity is well resolved, with WiFi Dual Band and compatible with networks LTE eats can be checked on the datasheet of the live Xplay 3S.

Finally there is that noted that the screen of the terminal is of 6 inch, by what is quite large. This not you prevents offer a density e pixels above them 400 dpi, because its resolution is 2 K. Thus, it is one of the models that stand out in the market, but there are signs that consumption may be high. An interesting model, as verified in the datasheet of the Xplay live 3S, which is not missing fingerprint reader.

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