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Xperia XZ

The Sony Xperia XZ is a mobile phone 4 G which has a 5.2 inch display with Full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels) and a lighting of 600 cd. Through it, we access the operating system Android Marshmallow 6.0.  The housing of the Sony Xperia XZ is made of Alkaleido, a special aluminium alloy used by the firm. Between them benefits owners of this mobile find the possibility of control the PS4 from the own terminal, something that many users advanced will thank

The camera digital of the Sony Xperia XZ has of a resolution of 23 megapixel that is converted in 13 in the case of the camera front. Turning the rear camera comment that you can record video with 4 K resolution the more advanced that we can find at the moment on a mobile phone. Note that the camera features sensor, lens and the processor that the firm uses in its consumer digital camera. In addition there is a laser sensor and a RGB sensor to detect the distance and color. Important highlight that are speaking of a camera that can record video with the help of a stabilizer of 5 axes, according to the signs, the first mobile of the market that it offers. To complete your advanced camera benefits tell the maximum ISO 12800 is and who can shoot at a maximum speed of 1/4000.

How could it be otherwise the Sony Xperia XZ account with USB connector type C. On the issue of memory have 64 GB of storage for a RAM 3 GB which in this case is helped by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor running a speed of 2 gigahertz. It is responsible for moving the operating system of the phone. We must not forget that the memory can be expanded up to a maximum of 256 GB using an external card micro USB.

He Sony Xperia XZ has with load wireless and a battery of 2900 milliamps, in this point is important highlight the Manager Advanced of autonomy of the phone that according to says allows obtain up to a 50% more than autonomy. For this purpose it integrates two advanced load processes (intelligent Qnovo+Carga), constantly analyzes the behavior of the owner of the terminal and includes a more advanced version of the Stamina mode which the firm already included in previous model.  The benefits of this powerful smartphone is complete with the protection to splash dust and water since has with the standard international of Protection IP68.

Sony Xperia XZ soporte micro SD y Nano SIM
Sony Xperia XZ perfil botones carcasa plateada en aluminio
Sony Xperia XZ plata conector de auriculares
Sony Xperia XZ perfil
Sony Xperia XZ conector Type-C
Sony Xperia XZ pantalla
Sony Xperia XZ huella dactilar y botones
Sony Xperia XZ cámara digital
Sony Xperia XZ lector de huella dactilar
Sony Xperia XZ aluminio alkaleido
Sony Xperia XZ carcasa de aluminio en alkaleido
Sony Xperia XZ detalle carcasa de aluminio
Sony Xperia XZ con cámara de 21 megapíxeles
Sony Xperia XZ con Android 6.0
Sony Xperia XZ pleteado
Sony Xperia XZ detalle carcasa trasera
Sony Xperia XZ detalle parte trasera inferior
Sony Xperia XZ detalle del auricular y pantalla
Sony Xperia XZ detalle de la cámara
Sony Xperia XZ plata cámara trasera
Sony Xperia XZ vista frontal
Sony Xperia plateado

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