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Xiaomi was ahead a year to Apple: the screen of my Mix is a front blade without frames

When we gave to terminate the event in which the star would be clearly My Note 2, Xiaomi has left us open-mouthed, catching a vehicle the majority of the media, which gave it as a concept in the future, with Xiaomi my Mix, a terminal whose screen is practically a sheet without frames. We do not know what such will be the fingers with the design but the company china has left Apple without exclusive a year earlier.

Now comes the moment in which I swallow my own words. After a post in which extolled to the My Note 2 as product but criticized the lack of originality of Xiaomi, it signs Chinese is pulls out of the sleeve a terminal never seen until date and that embodies that that Apple aspired to get of here to a year. In fact, Apple designs are conservative, and it can even that we go to 2018, until they have the product to point as they want.

Xiaomi my Mix: the Chinese company takes the reins

According to read in Phone Arena, Xiaomi wore two years developing its my Mix in the more absolute confidentiality. Not is has filtered nothing until seconds before the team out to present is, time in which is thought any thing less that was going to leave to scene just today. What is the device is best that it can see in photos and videos as this: in the front, a screen without marcos (only a band travels the area lower).

If to this we add, an internal hardware category is a special device, which will reach the market not in 2020, but in the next month.

Leading in a ceramic body technical characteristics

The terminal comes equipped with a processor Snapdragon 821 to 2.35 GHz, 4 GB of memory RAM, 128 GB of capacity of storage, battery of 4,400 mAh (load fast 3.0) sensor of footprints. Also there is a version Pro with 6 GB of RAM and 256 of memory internal. The Chamber is 16 megapixels and the front is in the band below the screen, intuitive take selfies with total normality.mi Mix especificaciones

However, its most notable feature is the 6.4-inch screen with ratio higher than 91%, and the ratio of 17:9. The back is made of ceramic and Xiaomi has worked with French designer Philippe Starck in throughout the execution of the product. In terms of resolution, unfortunately no data. Nor do we know if it’s OLED or LCD. These are details which, we understand, have obviated voluntarily in presentation.

The price of this phablet futuristic in its two models

He my Note 2, very to the contrary of what had thought some hours back, not going to be the team more expensive of the catalogue of Xiaomi, but it will be this my Mix. Of all forms, are before a product completely original and their prices continue without seem excessive taking in has that speak of a screen of more than 6 inch and some features technical to the level of any ship logo of them large firms of the sector.

mi mix marcos

The version more cheap will cost about 470 euros, with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, while the model premium with 6 GB / 256 GB will cost 540 euros. Both will come to the sale the next day 4 of November in China.

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