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Xiaomi Redmi Pro: we will see a version of the phablet with Snapdragon 652?

Although Xiaomi has just presented its Redmi Pro, given the pace of the Chinese company launches in recent times, already there is talk of future devices for the coming months. In recent days it has leaked a mini variant of the device, whose sketches we suggest several changes with respect to the original model. In addition, this team will take, reportedly a processor Snapdragon 652 signed by Qualcomm, instead of Mediatek helium.

For tastes the colors are: while some may prefer the ten centres of the helium X 20, or better still, 25 X, able to reach 90,000 points in AnTuTuthe latter, being the most powerful Mediatek chip, others will prefer to balance that brings a Snapdragon 652, whose performance has been very similar to the Snapdragon 810 last year, but without the problems of global warming. Redmi Note 3, allowed us to choose between the two manufacturers of processors, will happen the same with this Redmi Pro?

Seems confirmed: there will be a mini Redmi Pro with Snapdragon 652

Among other models, yesterday had news of a variant mini of the Redmi Pro that will run with a processor of Qualcomm, however, some of them elements fundamental of the version original not will be present. For example, the camera will not have a double lens, aspect that has been sold as one of the most outstanding in the last phablet of Xiaomi. The screen size also seems lower, at 5.2 inches.

Remi Pro mini caracteristicas

Therefore beyond question from different teams, what we would like to (and does not sound too crazy knowing the background) is the Redmi Pro we know to offer a variant with Snapdragon 652, but you could also be the situation the adoption in January or December one of the new middle range of Qualcomm chips.

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro already is official: all the information

A Mi Xiaomi Edge will become reality next year

On the other hand, our companions of MovilZona showed yesterday them photos of a terminal of the signature with screen curve. Undoubtedly: Samsung has marked trend in this regard and Xiaomi , Huawei or Meizu are making enormous efforts to replicate the Edge concept with some fortune. It seems that this terminal will be ready for the first bars of 2017, so perhaps to become one of the stars of the Next MWC. Until then we can go throwing a look to your appearance.

xiaomi mi edge


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